How To Redeem Points At Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

If you’re reading this, then you may have already heard of Speedway — it’s one of the biggest and most popular rewards programs in the world. With over 45 million members across all platforms, it’s definitely worth checking out. Many people try to accumulate as many points as possible, even if they don’t need them all — at least, not yet. Let’s dive into how you can redeem your points at the speedway store.

What Is The Point System?

If you’ve been a part of the program for any amount of time, then you know exactly what a point system is. For those who are just hearing about it, a point system is a way for you to earn rewards — usually in the form of merchandise or experiences — for doing simple things like shopping or logging into your account. Points can be redeemed for real life prizes like gift cards and merchandise, and the more you have the more you can redeem — the more you have the more you can redeem. Basically, points accumulated over time can be redeemed as and when you want.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

It’s pretty easy to redeem your points, you simply need to head to the corresponding store and redeem your points. For example, let’s say you’ve accumulated 10,000 points, you can go to the website and click on the blue “I’m a member” button to log in. Next, you can click on the “Redeem points” button at the top of the page and enter the redemption code 10.000 (you’ll have to do this for each store you want to redeem your points at).

You can also find a list of all the stores and their websites in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Just click on the name of the store you’re currently at and you’ll be directed to the point-redemption page. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

How Many Points Do I Need To Redeem?

That is a common question and something that lots of people have trouble figuring out. The best way to find out how many points you need to redeem is to look at the current promotions on the homepage. There, you’ll see the number of points required to redeem that particular offer — this varies by store and can be more or less than the listed number. For example, the 10,000 point promotion is valid at Sears and Kmart stores only and requires you to redeem your points at those locations only. You can’t use it at Sears and Kmart stores located in another state. So, make sure you look at the location of the store you plan on visiting to redeem your points before you make a purchase.

Which Rewards Do I Get?

Another question that lots of people have is, “Which rewards do I get?” This is easy to figure out as well. You get the standard merchandise that you would expect from any retail store, and the list of rewards actually seems endless. For example, you get the option to redeem your points for Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Starbucks Coffee, Nintendo Switch, gift cards for stores like Home Depot, etc. Basically, you get all the rewards that a retail store offers and more. It’s always nice when a website offers a similar program as well because you don’t have to leave the site you’re on.

Where Can I Spend My Points?

There are several options for where you can spend your points. First, you can buy merchandise at the point-redemption page. This is usually where most people go first, and that makes sense, given that you can find many different items to purchase with your points. Second, you can activate a credit card and make purchases at any store. Finally, you can transfer your points to a PayPal account (which is what we did, anyway) and use your PayPal account to purchase merchandise in any online store. If you want to be able to purchase items in-store as well, then you’ll have to link a debit/credit card to your account.

This option is a little more complicated, but it’s also a lot more effective. You can use your bank account to make purchases at any online merchant’s store. Just remember that your bank may process your purchase on a separate server, so it may take a little longer to receive your items. Plus, transferring money in this way is generally more expensive than using a credit card.

Do I Have To Redeem Points At Each Location?

You don’t have to redeem your points at each location, you can spread them out over multiple stores and online merchants. For example, if you have 1000 points and you want to use them all, you can go to the point-redemption page for the New York Times and click on the “Redeem points” button — this will take you to a page where you can use all your points for the NYT. You don’t have to do this for each store separately. Plus, you can use the same login information and passwords at every store you visit — this will make it much easier to maintain a list of your rewards and make it easier to remember those passwords.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Redemptions?

This one depends on how organized you want to be. If you have a tablet or smartphone, then you can use the built-in software to keep track of your redemptions. Otherwise, you can just use a notepad or piece of paper to log each store’s corresponding code. If you have a bunch of codes and don’t want to keep writing down each one, you can create a spreadsheet to keep track of all your redemptions — this will help you keep track of how many points you’ve accumulated and which stores you’ve used. If you follow these simple steps, then it’ll be a cinch to keep track of.

Hopefully, this answered some of your questions about the point system — we tried to cover as much as we could, but there are just so many variables. If you have any more questions, then just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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