How To Redeem Speedway Points For Gas? [Answered!]

If you are traveling to or from Chicago, IL you have probably noticed the numerous billboards along I-90 advertising the new Redeem speedway points for gas offer. For those not familiar, the Redeem speedway points for gas offer is a program sponsored by Valero that rewards gasoline buyers with points that can be redeemed for free merchandise and services at the Speedway retailers located in Chicago and beyond.

Here is how to redeem your speedway points for gas:

Register For The Redeem Speedway Points For Gas Program

The first step to redeeming your speedway points is to register for the Redeem speedway points for gas program. To do this you will need to visit the Valero gas station inside the Redeem kiosk and select the option to register. Doing this at the station is the easiest way to get started. You will also have the option to do this online from anywhere.

After you register you will be mailed a confirmation code that you can use to verify your enrollment in the program. You don’t need to do this step online as they can also be found on receipt copies sent via snail mail.

Select A Gas Station Near You

The next step in the process is to select a gas station near you. This is an important step because the gas stations that are part of the program are different from normal gas stations. When purchasing gas at a Redeem station you will see the following signs:

  • Flexible Fueling
  • ENERGY STAR Rating
  • More

These signs mean that the station is part of the Redeem program. When choosing a station make sure that the pumps are installed on the outside so that they can be easily seen by other motorists. You also want to avoid choosing a station in a remote area so that you can be sure that you can find gas if you run out while on the road. There are some exceptions to this rule, like Shell stations that have a no charge overnight parking policy, but in general, the more traffic a station sees, the more likely it is to have availability of gas.

Purchase Fuel As Normal

The last step in the process is to purchase fuel as you would at any other gas station. When you pull up to the pump, you will see a sign with a red circle with a line through it. This is an indicator that the station is participating in the Redeem program. You will also notice a second sign at the pump with yellow text that says “CLICK ME”. When you pull up to the pump you will need to press this sign to reveal the fuel discount available to you. The maximum discount offered to participants is 2 cents per gallon. This is not a very good deal, but it is still better than what you would pay at most gas stations. However, make sure that you are not getting ripped off because there are many places where you can find gas for cheaper than this (even a few places that are giving out free gas because it is summertime). If you do not want to pay the regular price for gas, you can ask the pump attendant for a price match or you can press the “CLICK ME” sign and fill up at the discounted price.

Once you have filled up at the discounted price, you can continue on your way without worry of running out of gas. Remember to redeem your points for gas at a participating station so that you do not lose the value of what you have already earned.

The Important Things To Remember

It is important to remember the following things so that you can get the most from your experience with the Redeem speedway points for gas program:

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