How To Take 1st In Wrecked Big Valley Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

The Big Valley Speedway is one of the most famous ovals in the country, regularly ranking in the top 10 of the biggest ovals in the world. It is located in the middle of nowhere West of San Francisco in the state of California. The track has been around since the 1950’s and was originally designed as a round-oval with grandstands and a backstretch. There are currently no shops or restaurants at the track, but in the 1960’s there were over 20 gas stations and several restaurants and hotels nearby. There is still a small road heading to the track that you can miss unless you’re looking for it, but these days it is more of a ‘shepherding village’ than anything else with a handful of shops and restaurants mostly serving the needs of the track’s overnight guests.

The track is famous for its rough road course which features many blind spots and fast, hard turns. It is also a popular place for drivers to make their names in the record books as many world-class competitors have. Names like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and Mario Andretti all have a piece of the record books at the Big Valley Speedway.

The infield at Big Valley is a mixture of traditional dirt and sand, with the track itself being completely concrete. Unlike most traditional ovals which feature a groove or a path for cars to follow, the Big Valley Speedway doesn’t have an easy path from one end to the other. There are numerous blind spots along with many cars which go airborne on the sharp corners. If you want to drive slowly and safely, you’re best suited staying away from the outside grooves and sticking to the middle of the track instead where passing is allowed and it’s a whole lot less stressful.

The Basics

The track is open to the public and is free to enter, however, the grandstands and bleachers are available for rent. Spectator seating is also available for those who want to get a better view of the action. The track does not offer any form of motorized transportation to its guests, but in the 1960’s, you could catch a ride from one of the nearby restaurants or hotels. These days, the nearest airport is an hour away and the closest train station is an additional thirty minutes. There is no direct road access to the track and the closest interstate is over an hour away. For those traveling by air, the track can be a refreshing landing spot after a tiring flight.

Airport And Train

The Bay Area has numerous airport options, but if you are looking for something less urban you can land at the Napa County Airport in nearby Yountville. From there, you can take a taxi or drive yourself to the track. The Napa Airport is about ten minutes away and provides direct access to I-80 West. Those traveling by car can utilize one of the several parking lots located on the airport grounds to help ease their parking stresses.

Another option would be to take the Amtrak train directly from San Francisco to Napa. The Napa Valley station is located about a mile away from the track and connects to I-80 East. Local buses also stop at the station from time to time, connecting to various parts of the valley. Those who choose this option can relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding area as the train slowly makes its way to the big valley.


The Big Valley Speedway doesn’t offer any form of public parking, however, there are a few parking lots located nearby. Guests can also reserve a spot in the track’s lot through its website or call the track directly to make arrangements. There is also the option for those traveling by air to leave their cars at the nearby airport and take a taxi to the track. Those who want to avoid congestion should park in one of the several hotels or rest areas located along the interstate and walk to the track. The closest hotel to the track is the Howard Johnson Inn in Napa, which is a few minutes away. The hotel offers direct access to I-80 East and West.


There is not much available in terms of facilities at the track itself, but the hotel nearby does offer a small business center which provides a fax machine, computer, and internet access for those who want to do some work during their stay. There is no gas station or restaurant at the hotel, but it does offer a breakfast buffet which you might find helpful in the morning.

If you aren’t staying at the hotel, there is a communal kitchen which you are allowed to use. Otherwise, you can eat at the nearby restaurants and cafes which serve American favorites like French fries and burgers. Beer, wine, and soft drinks are all available at the track’s bar while adult beverages can be found at the nearby cafes and restaurants. A visit to the track is not complete without stopping at one of the stands to get a cold one and sit down with some local fans to down-home American food and a few drags on a cigarette.

In conclusion, the Big Valley Speedway is a beautifully preserved piece of Americana which continues to grow in popularity every year. Those who want to take a trip back in time to experience some of the most memorable motorsport moments in history should definitely visit this unique spot. There are very few tracks left worldwide which can compare to Big Valley, so those who want to experience something special are best served by making a trip here.

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