How To Unlock Elsas Castle In Toybox Speedway? [Solved!]

In the latest Toybox release, Elsas Castle is one of the many unlockable castles that you can play as part of the game’s new Idle Challenges mode. The castle can be accessed by entering the first letter of the last name of one of its many famous owners, followed by the digit 7. For example, John D. Mcdonald has the code JDM7, while Elizabeth Taylor can be reached through ET7. Once you have entered the code, press the A button to be transported to the site described in the legend. Once you arrive, press R to enter the foyer and then press A to access the courtyard.

As with most other castles, Elsas Castle’s courtyard is occupied by Steeds, robotic animals that you can ride to power up and attack your enemies. However, in this case, the robotic horses are more than just ornamental; they also serve a functional role within the game, carrying soldiers, weapons, and other items between the foyer and the keep (a sequence that is reminiscent of the film The Terminator). As you would expect, these robotic horses are more than happy to carry out your commands, even if they are evil in the source material. The goal, of course, is to direct them to crush your enemies and dominate the gaming world as you know it!

What Else Can You Do At Elsas Castle?

After riding the robotic horses on the castle’s patio, you can enter the keep to face the villainous Jhonny MacGowan, an enemy that you will have previously fought alongside with during the game’s earlier levels. You can also access the castle’s tower, which is where the game’s final battle takes place.

As with the rest of the castle, the tower is also home to Steeds, but this time they are wild animals rather than automatons. You must fight them off to keep going, and once you have done that, you can access the throne room, where you get to fight it out with the evil Jhonny MacGowan once more. However, this time you are on equal terms, and if you are really well-served by the game’s automated attendants, you may even be able to win.

What Is The ‘Toybox’ Engine?

Toybox is a next-generation engine developed by Avalanche Studios specifically for the Disney Infinity series. As the name would suggest, Toybox aims to bring a new level of complexity to gameplay by integrating the tools and technology of a PC with that of a console, merging the strengths of the two generations. This allows for greater precision in controlling everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to physics, terrain, and the overall look and feel of the game world. For instance, Toybox offers players a new level of immersion due to its destructible environments and character animations that blend real-time gameplay with pre-set cinematic sequences. With other engines, such as Unity, these sequences are uni-directional, meaning that they can only be viewed from one fixed perspective.

Why Is Avalanche Studios Behind This New Mode?

Avalanche has been responsible for some of the most memorable stories in video game history. With their expertise in creating vast open worlds and using cutting-edge technologies to bring them to life, the studio is clearly well-equipped to deliver on this promise. As with many of the other aspects of Toybox, the goal was to keep the game as authentic to the spirit of the original comic as possible while also updating it for modern audiences.

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