How To Unlock Motor Speedway Of The South? [Solved!]

There are plenty of stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. One of the best-known is that of Maureen Ogle, who in 2011 inspired a documentary called ‘Mojo Movers’. One of the main subjects of the documentary was the 68-year-old mother of four who left her house in North Carolina every Sunday and drove all the way to the Beach Motorsports Park in Florida – a distance of 600-plus miles – to watch her favourite sports teams compete. It’s an incredible journey that had begun back when she was a little girl and her father had taken her and her siblings on a trip to the beach. Once there, Maureen would spend the whole day watching the cars go round and round the track. She was especially enamoured with the Indianapolis 500, and even today, when she isn’t following her favourite teams in the NFL or NCAA, she still roots for them as passionately as ever.

Most people will tell you that to become a real estate agent you need a four-year college degree and licensing exams. But what if that’s not what you want to do? What if you want to become an entrepreneur, a car collector or just want to live your life to the fullest? You can apply for a motor vehicle owner’s permit in any state and avoid any sort of college education. With a motor vehicle owner’s permit you can legally operate a limousine or taxi service, bus company or sell your car for parts and become a mechanic. You can’t run an automobile dealership, however, without further licensing. So, if you have a specific dream job in mind, this might be the way to go.

The process of getting a motor vehicle owner’s permit is pretty straightforward. You just need to complete a short online form and fax it along with some proof of identity (like a passport) to the motor vehicle department in the state you live in. Then you’ll need to pay a non-refundable licensing fee. Depending on your state’s regulations, you’ll need to have either a certificate of insurance or a certificate of registration at the time of application. Some states might also require you to undergo fingerprinting and submit to a drug test. To find out more, visit this website:

Even if you don’t end up doing anything with your new license, at least you’ll have a little piece of paper to show for it. For more information about motor vehicle regulations in your state, contact the motor vehicle department within your state’s government. Additionally, the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) publishes an annual study of the Most Influential People in Advertising. Each year, 4A’s compiles and analyzes data on more than 125,000 individuals across all industries to determine the ranking of influential people. This year’s list is dominated by men in marketing and advertising, especially those individuals who work for technology companies. Interestingly enough, the top three spots on this year’s list were all held by women.

The Most Influential Women In Advertising

The following women have all risen to the top of the Most Influential People in Advertising this year:

  • Melissa Beck (
    • CEO, The 4A’s
    • CMO, Outbrain
    • CMO, HubSpot
    • CEO, Skyword


  • Elizabeth Barker (
    • Co-founder and COO, Bark
    • Founder and CGO, Pixaby
    • Co-founder and COO, Trulia
    • President, Livestream


  • Anne Bory (
    • President and CEO, Marquise
    • Founder and Director, Fashionista
    • Chairman, Gap Inc.
    • Founder, Ava Inc.
    • COO, Victoria’s Secret
    • Founder and Director, Nike +


  • Liz Braun (
    • Founder and CEO, Braun
    • President, Victoria’s Secret
    • Co-founder and COO, Liz Lauren
    • Executive vice president, Gucci Group Inc.
    • Co-president, Youthful
    • Founder and Director, Nike +


  • Marjorie Merriweather (
    • Founder and Director, Piperlime
    • CEO, Victoria’s Secret
    • President, Nike +
    • Chairman and CEO, Gucci Group Inc.
    • Co-chairman, Youthful
    • COO, Red Ventures
    • Founder and Director, Nike +


  • Shannon Squires (
    • President and CEO, Victoria’s Secret
    • Co-founder and CCO, Nike +
    • President, Liz Lauren
    • Co-founder and CMO, Mystery Shopper
    • CMO, Gucci Group Inc.
    • Chairman, J.M. WESTON )
    • Elle Wang (
      • Founder and CEO, Nike +
      • Founder, DASH
      • CEO, Liz Lauren
      • CEO, Gucci Group Inc.
      • Katherine Swartz (
        • CEO, Victoria’s Secret
        • Founder and Director, Nike +
        • Co-founder and Director, Liz Lauren
        • CFO, Gucci Group Inc.
        • Executive vice president, MARTHA STEWART ORGANIZATION )


      • Robin Terrill (
        • Founder and CEO, Nike +
        • Founder and Director, Mystery Shopper
        • CFO, Red Ventures
        • President, Victoria’s Secret


      • The Most Influential Men In Advertising

        This year, the following men have all risen to the top of the Most Influential People in Advertising:

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