How To Use Speedway Gas Card? [Answered!]

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your gas station stops then check out the new Speedway Gas Card. This new offering from Speedway is a loyalty program that offers exciting perks like cash back on gas purchases and free snacks. All you need to do to enjoy these benefits is register for the program and spend $25 at any participating gas station within a 24-hour period.

But what is the speedway gas card?

An Overview Of The Program

The speedway gas card is a loyalty program offered by Speedway that allows participating customers to earn points on each purchase of gas and food at gas stations across the U.S. The program also offers customers the ability to redeem those points for cash or merchandise.

To earn points, you must make a purchase at a participating gas station. The amount of points you earn will vary based on the type of gas purchased and the size of the pump, among other factors. The more you buy, the more you’ll earn.

You can track your progress on the dashboard of your mySpeedway account. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a member of the speedway gas card program:

Cash Back On Gas Purchases

If you make a purchase at a participating gas station, you’ll earn a cash discount that varies by location. Some stations will give you $0.10 off per gallon, while others could give you $0.20 or $0.50. The amount of cash you’ll earn will depend on how much you spend at the gas station. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to keep a record of your gas expenditures for tax purposes.

Free Snacks

If you visit a participating gas station and spend at least $25, you’ll receive a free bag of snacks. You’ll notice that most stations will give you a few different options when it comes to the snacks they offer. So, you’ll have your pick of nuts, popcorn, or peanuts to choose from. You won’t get any coupons or discounts for the snacks, but you’ll receive them free of charge. These are definitely some of the perks that could make commuting easier for those who use their cars daily. Who doesn’t like free snacks?

Redeem Points For Cash

You can use your accumulated points to purchase merchandise at any Speedway location. If you’ve been shopping online, you’ll notice that most items are fulfilled by independent contractors who work with the company. Alternatively, you can go to a Speedway store and redeem your points there. To redeem your points, you’ll need to have a mySpeedway account and register your card at the store. When you’re ready to make a purchase, scan your mySpeedway card at the register. Your cash back will be credited to your account once your card is scanned. Remember: you’ll need to spend at least $25 at a participating gas station to earn cash back. Some products may require additional purchases before your cash is credited.

Loyalty Rewards

If you shop at a participating gas station often enough, you’ll notice that your cash back will escalate. When you sign up for the program, you’ll earn a $20 reward after your first purchase. After that, you’ll earn $10 for every $100 you spend. So, although your starting point will vary by station, you’ll eventually reach a point where your rewards could be worth thousands of dollars. When that happens, you may want to consider taking a pass on shopping for a while because this program is definitely lucrative.

The best part of the speedway gas card program is that it’s completely free. You’ll never have to pay a fee or purchase a membership card to enjoy these perks. As long as you keep spending at least $25 at a participating gas station, you’ll continue earning rewards that could eventually earn you lots of money. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing something good for the environment by reducing your gas consumption. So, if you’re looking for a way to save money on your next gas purchase, consider the speedway gas card.

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