How To Use Speedway Points For Pokemon Go? [Solved!]

I have been a fan of the popular online game, Pokemon Go for a while. I have been playing for free, using Google Play’s in-app purchases which have been very convenient. In order to get all of the premium content, you need to either have a Nintendo Switch connected to the internet or buy it directly from the Nintendo website. Neither of these options are ideal, especially if you are looking to save money.

I eventually caved, and bought a Nintendo Switch and all of the games and accessories related to it. Since then, I have been using my Nintendo Switch more frequently than my personal device, resulting in me logging many more hours of gameplay.

If you are reading this, I assume that either you are also a fan of Pokemon Go, or you are considering giving it a try. If that is the case, then you are in for a treat, because there is a way that you can use your Nintendo Switch without having to spend a penny.

While it is possible to purchase content in Pokemon Go using real money, there is a way to obtain all of the game’s content for free. That is by using certain in-game tools and resources that are only available through play. Additionally, there is a way that you can utilize a tool in the game that allows you to spin the reels of a virtual slot machine and obtain free coins. That way, you can purchase anything you want in the game without having to spend a red cent.

The Free Speedpass

One of the ways that you can play Pokemon Go for free is by using Google Play’s free Speedpass service. Essentially, the Speedpass allows you to make quick and easy purchases in the game without having to run around looking for a shop owner to meet with you. While this feature is quite convenient for those of you who play the game frequently, it is important to keep in mind that the Speedpass is completely free; you will not be billed by Google Play at all. If you want to remove the ads, you will have to pay $36.99 per year for the service.

The speed at which the game runs is determined by the type of device that you use. For example, if you are playing on an Android device with a 1GB RAM, then the game will run quite slowly. The same device with 3GB RAM will give the game a significant performance boost. If you play on a slow device, then you will have a hard time gaining momentum in the game. This can ruin the fun for anyone who plays frequently.

Making Friends With The Community

Another way to play Pokemon Go for free is to make friends with the game’s community. The best way to do this is by participating in regular communication with other players through the game’s built-in chat feature. You can start by simply saying hello to new people in the chat, or you can even ask others for help with challenging parts of the game. You can also follow the game’s social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest news and information related to the game.

By regularly communicating with the community of players, you will not only be able to access helpful information, but you will also form an understanding of the game’s strengths and weaknesses. This is important, because if you play the game professionally, then you will have to contend with people who are much better than you at it. For example, if you play on a regular basis, then you will realize that it is extremely easy to get distracted by the game and lose focus on what is going on around you. This is why it is important to keep in touch with the community, so that you can gain a better understanding of the game’s controls and quirks.

The Free Rewards Program

One more way to play Pokemon Go for free is to register for the game’s rewards program. This program offers in-game items and coins that can be used to purchase virtual goods in the game. In order to participate in the rewards program, you must either register for a Nintendo Account or log in with one that you already have. From there, you will be presented with a list of all of the game’s content, along with their prices. In most cases, you will find that Nintendo offers much cheaper rates for the items that they sell in their online store than what you would find in the game itself.

You might be wondering how much cheaper. In most cases, the savings can be significant. For example, the Nintendo Switch console, which is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the game, is on sale for $80 (original price of $169.99) in Nintendo’s online store. Meanwhile, they are offering the item for $114.99 (original price of $169.99) for those who participate in their rewards program. When you are using Google Play’s in-app purchases to purchase items in Pokemon Go, you are always presented with a screen that tells you how much cheaper the item is without having to search for it yourself. In order to obtain all of the game’s premium content without spending a penny, you will need to use one of these methods.

Final Takeaway

To reiterate, while it is possible to play Pokemon Go for free using the methods discussed in this article, you will not be able to obtain all of the game’s content without spending some money. In most cases, this will come in the form of either buying a Nintendo Switch or using Google Play’s in-app purchases. However, if you want to play the game frequently, then you should consider buying a cheap device with 1GB RAM, or else register for Google Play’s rewards program. Doing this will allow you to play at a higher resolution than what is available to you on a low-end device, as well as allow you to take advantage of the game’s speed boost. Finally, if you want to truly save money while playing, then you should consider using a VPN to keep your personal details secure while on the web, as well as to improve your anonymity when playing.

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