How To Wash Speedway Nomex Racing Gloves? [Ultimate Guide!]

Most people know what nomex is and the benefits it provides when racing. A lot of people also know that washing your hands after handling these materials can help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. However, not too many people know how to wash their nomex gloves properly, which can make a big difference in their performance while racing. For those who don’t know, nomex is a synthetic textile composed of 85% polyester and 15% spandex that has been used in racing gloves for many years now. It is a lightweight, flexible material that provides excellent durability for the user while keeping your hands at the right temperature during those endless summer days when you’re racing. It also allows for better air circulation around your hands, which can make a difference when you’re fighting for position during a race. In this article, we will discuss the various ways you can wash your nomex gloves to maintain the comfort and durability of this essential piece of athletic gear.

Use The Right Detergents

To start, let’s discuss the most common way people wash their gloves these days. Instead of using your regular hand wash or dish soap, which may leave a slimy film on your gloves, you should use a specific detergent designed for synthetic fibers like nomex. Using the wrong detergents or fabric softeners can leave a sticky or clunky film on your nomex gloves that will eventually crack or peel away, which will affect their durability. Using the wrong detergents for your regular laundry can also affect the color and texture of your clothes, so it’s always best to know what product you’re using and why you’re using it. For instance, there are many hand detergents on the market specifically designed for colored or patterned materials like tie-dye, sunflower seeds, and camouflage prints, which are ideal for the summer months when you’re racing. For those who are into art, they can also use these detergents to experiment with mixing various colors and patterns on their hands to create a unique design that will be a talking point among their friends. A lot of people think that painting their nails in a design like this is fun and makes their nails look like they’ve been through an art gallery, but it’s not always a good idea to paint your nails if you’re going to be wearing gloves because that’s a potential source of chipping or nail polish removal. To prevent this, it’s best to wear gloves while painting or doing your nails, and only take them off when you’re done.

Wash In The Right Temperature

It’s also important to wash your hands at the right temperature in order to ensure they are clean enough for your race day. Your hands should be washed and dried thoroughly before putting on your nomex gloves to ensure that the seams are not dampened by the water and that your hands don’t stick to one another while you’re running. If you think that your hands are going to get cold while racing, then you should wash them before putting on your gloves so that the water has had a chance to penetrate through your layers of skin and into your bloodstream. Some people also prefer to use a hand sanitiser or antibacterial soap before putting on their gloves to reduce the chance of getting sick from bacteria while they’re racing. After the race, it’s important to wash your hands again to remove all of the bacteria that has accumulated during the event. If you’re going to be in contact with other people or animals afterwards, you should consider using a sanitizing product to prevent the spread of any illness.

Use Your Hangers

Just like your underwear and sports bra, your nomex gloves should also be washed and dried very carefully. Instead of putting them in the dryer with other clothes, put them on a hanger and leave them to air dry. Drying your gloves this way will eliminate most of the water that gets kicked up by the road during the race and prevent it from becoming a slippery mess on your hands, which can make you prone to falls and collisions. Just make sure that the inside of your gloves is completely dry before putting them away so that when you wear them again, they don’t feel damp or cold against your skin. Always hang your gloves up while they’re still damp so that they continue to air dry and retain their shape, as this will make them last longer before needing to be dry cleaned or altered.

Wash In A Dryer

Some people also prefer to wash their nomex gloves in the dryer. This is a popular method because it saves people a lot of time, especially those who wear their gloves during the week and don’t have the opportunity to wash them every day. While this might be convenient for some, it should be avoided by those who know how dirty the inside of their dryer is and how quickly it deteriorates clothes. Using your dryer for this purpose can leave you with unusable clothing in a hurry and it’s better to take the time to wash and air dry your gloves instead. There are also some disadvantages to this method. First, putting your gloves in the dryer will damage their texture and make it harder for your hands to stay inside the gloves while you’re running. Second, the friction caused by the dryer against the material of your gloves could cause some of the yarn to unravel, which will affect their durability. Third, the heat of the dryer can cause the plastic to melt, which will hurt the structural integrity of your gloves.

Wash In A Bucket

Although they might not appear to be the most practical solution, some people still prefer to wash their nomex gloves in a bucket of hot water with a couple of soap berries or a few squirts of milk to make sure that all of the dirt is removed. The reason for this is that many people are still not aware of how easily soap and water can build up residue on their hands from all of the traffic and pollution that they’re exposed to day to day. Even if you’re not racing, it’s still a good idea to wash your bucket every week to ensure that all of the soap and water is removed and that the gloves remain in good condition for when you need them most. Washing your hands this way is cheap and easy, and many people have adopted this method due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Use Fabric Softeners

The majority of people know that washing your clothes regularly can take away some of the stiffness and dullness that comes with regular washing and drying. The same is true for your nomex gloves. Instead of using your usual softener when washing your clothes, try using some of those specifically designed for synthetic fibers like nomex. Using a different fabric softener for your regular laundry can leave a different, less sticky feeling on your clothes that will make them look and feel fresh and clean. It’s a small change that can make a big difference in how your clothes look when you wear them and how much they wear out before needing to be washed or dry cleaned again.

Use Natural Ingredients

It’s always best to use natural ingredients where you can for your cleaning and washing products, and the same holds true for your nomex gloves. You shouldn’t need to add any harsh chemicals or detergents when washing your hands or your gloves, as these can often cause damage. Using products with natural and sustainable ingredients is better for the environment, as well as your health. Many people also choose to use products with natural ingredients because they know that these will not leave a sticky or obvious residue on their hands or clothing after use, which can sometimes happen with chemically-made products. While it might be tempting to go the extra mile and add in some essential oils or even dryer sheets to make your cleaning job more convenient and enjoyable, make sure that these are safe to use around chemicals and fuel stations.

Be Careful With The Water

It’s also important to be careful with the water when washing your hands or your gloves. There’s always the chance that you might get water in places that you don’t want it to be, so make sure that you check for leaks before leaving for your day. If there’s a chance that you might get your hands wet or dirty while washing them, then it’s also important to ensure that the water doesn’t leave a wet spot on the surface that you wash on. When removing water from the surface you wash on, make sure that you do so thoroughly or else you’ll end up with spots where there’s water residue that can affect the health of your skin. Throwing away perfectly good water is a waste, so make sure that you don’t do this and end up having to buy more later on. This will affect your wallet as much as your health.

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