How To Win Big Valley Speedway In Wrecked Ps 4? [Fact Checked!]

It’s been a while since we last checked in with the Wrecked PS4 clan, and we have some exciting news to share with you! Since the release of the game, we have been blown away by your support and the positive feedback we have received on social media, and we want to continue that momentum by giving you the best game experience possible in Big Valley Speedway!

What we know now is that, based on your feedback, we have a much better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in Big Valley, and we plan to incorporate all of that into making the game even better.

New Vehicles, All New Tracks, And More!

One of the things that people have mentioned to us the most is that there aren’t any vehicles in Big Valley that they feel are fun to drive. We totally felt the same way, and the main reason why we haven’t added any new vehicles is because we want to keep this game relatively close to what we envisioned it to be when we first created it. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun with the ones that we already have, and that’s why we are introducing a new mechanic to the game called: Oddball Physics!

Oddball Physics allow our classic vehicles to behave in an odd and unexpected manner, and we can’t wait for you to try them out. We also added a brand new track, called: Sandstone Highway, which we think you’re going to love. Finally, we enhanced the visuals of the game a lot, especially on the UI, which you’ll see a lot more cars and tracks than before.

All New User Interface (UI)

One of the things that people have mentioned to us the most is that the UI in Big Valley isn’t very user-friendly, especially when you’re trying to go from one screen to another. As car enthusiasts, we totally understood that, and that’s why we have worked hard to create an all-new UI to make the game easier to use.

We added a lot of new features to the UI, such as: A faster way to search for tracks, A live tile for the game, A dark theme (which some people find easier on their eyes than a light one), And more! We hope that these new features make your life on the console a little bit easier.

New Game Modes And More!

There are a lot of gamers out there who are looking for a challenge, and that’s why we have added several new game modes to Big Valley.

The first is: Time Attack, which is all about how quickly you can complete a specific number of laps. The second is: Race-O-Rama, where you and up to three other players take on the role of drivers racing against each other, with the last one being: Points Race, where you and up to three other players try to rack up the most points as you pass through each checkpoint. These are just some of the new modes that we have added, and we can’t wait for you to try them out!

In addition to these new modes, we have also added a few more options for you to customise, including changing the weather conditions (how wet or dry the track is), adding or subtracting players (so you can make it a four-player race), and even changing the track surface (sand, grass, or mud).

Achievements And Trophies!

People love earning achievements and showing them off to the world, and we want to give you the opportunity to do the same with Big Valley. As an incentive to keep you playing and engaged, we have added several achievements and trophies to the game.

One of the first things that you will notice upon completing a lap is a popup with a list of all the achievements that you earned on that lap. This really is a great opportunity for you to show off your driving skills and earn some kudos for your performance.

There are also trophies to earn for doing exceptionally well in certain game modes, such as: Leading a lap (in any game mode), Placing in the top 3 in a race (in any game mode), Or attaining a certain time in a time trial session (in any game mode).

And Much, Much More…

We could talk about the game for hours, but we’d probably still be here in the morning, so we’ll stop somewhere in the middle. We did add a few more features to the game, including An all-new audio commentary (by John Brophy), A co-op mode for two players (which we know that you folks enjoy playing through), A level editor (so you can create your own tracks), And customizable cars and paint jobs (which some people have said is their favorite feature so far).

As always, we appreciate your valuable input, and please continue to feel free to suggest new features and share your thoughts on the current ones.

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