How To Win Sewer Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

To most, fresh paint on a home’s exterior is an indication of a house-warming party, but for those who live on a trailer park or an urban apartment block, a fresh coat of paint may mean only one thing: it’s time for another flood._p>

Just as rising waters can be a symptom of a larger problem, so too is increased water pressure in your toilet. If you get an unusually full stream when you flush, there is a reason for it. Your tank may be on the verge of bursting, or worse, it may already be overflowing. A full tank not only means uncomfortable moments on the throne, but also an increase in the chance of a water-related accident. One careless splash and you could be racing towards a huge puddle on the floor or a soaking wet bathroom carpet. Not exactly the kind of grand entrance you were planning for your housewarming party.

With homesickness a common theme in most developed countries, many people are forced to live their lives in a way that isn’t necessarily suited to their tastes. The perfect party pad doesn’t meet the needs of everyone, and that’s what makes it so special. If you are fortunate enough to have your own personal waterway coursing through your town, be mindful that its bankside is not exactly the same as everyone else’s. You will need to find a way to express yourself artistically, whether it’s through a tattoo, piercing, or a well-placed stencil, and not all of these options are for the faint-hearted. If you want to paint your home a vibrant colour, go right ahead, if it’s interior decoration you’re after, there are hundreds of ways to go about it. But in the event of a water emergency, you may need to rethink the colour scheme. If you insist on keeping the walls white, there are plenty of solid white options that you can choose from. Just make sure that you test it out in the event of a heavy downpour. The important thing is that you should feel happy and inspired in your home, and if the thought of being caught in a water emergency prevents you from doing that, then perhaps it’s time to consider alternative living arrangements.

Take Your Time

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. You could paint the room white with blue accents or add a green splash to the walls with yellow accents. The possibilities are endless; it’s your bathroom, after all. The point is that there is no single ‘correct’ way to paint your bathroom, and the beauty of it is that it should be whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable. Even if it isn’t the ‘popular’ choice amongst friends or family, that shouldn’t matter. If you want a brightly-coloured bathroom, there are plenty of ways to achieve it. You could always choose a school or office bathroom as a starting point, and then add your own touches to it. For instance, you could put a gold frame around the mirror or add extra shelves to the wall to display your pots and pans.

Dress For The Job

Whatever your reasons for wanting to give your toilet a facelift, there are ways to go about it without having to knock it down. Firstly, ensure that your toilet is actually connected to the water supply. This should not be too difficult, as most modern toilets are designed to be connected to a municipal supply, either directly or via a tanking station. Once you have confirmed that your toilet is in fact connected to the mains, it’s time to tackle the reason for the original paint job. An easy way to bring new life to your toilet is by repainting it, however, bear in mind that a fresh coat of paint on a bathroom surface is not a permanent solution to the problem. In the event of a heavy downpour, the paint may well come off in great swaths. If the ceiling is also visible, it could well end up covered in damp patches, especially if it’s a dark or dull colour. If you do choose to repaint, go for a soft, subtle colour like white or cream, to show through the clean lines of your toilet design. Wherever possible, choose an oil-based paint for its durability and to ensure that it stays looking brand-new for years to come. Remember, there is a wealth of different paints out there, so ensure that you try out a few different brands to find one that suits you best.

Vary Your Routes

Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing. If you are finding that working in your garden is helping you to relax, take a short break from your busy schedule and head off to the nearest flower shop to stock up on bouquets. Or, for something a little more challenging, why not try and climb the highest mountain in your area. The only catch is that the view from the top may be somewhat limited, but the air is fresh and clean, and the temperature is kept just right by the surrounding peaks. Of course, if you are an experienced hiker, you may well want to treat yourself and join the trail to see what all the fuss is about. But for those who are looking to make their first foray into the world of walking, there are plenty of easier trails nearby that can bring you face to face with nature. Take the time to explore the local area and find a route that you will find both challenging and rewarding.


Budget is always a key consideration when decorating a home. Even those who can spend thousands upon thousands of pounds on personal touches such as a luxurious toilet may have to limit the amount of accessories that they use. As a general rule, stick to what you can spend, within reason. Ensure that you don’t underestimate the cost of expensive toilet paper, or running a bath filled with bubbly water. These are just a few examples of the simple yet pricey items that you may need to keep in mind when decorating your bathroom. Make sure that you add these items to your shopping list and take them into consideration when budgeting. You may also need to cut back on other items, like food and drink, to afford these essentials. The point is to have things that you love and that suit your personal tastes, without going overboard and bankrupting yourself in the process.

Location, Location, Location

Wherever you live, access to fresh air is of paramount importance. If you live in a fairly built-up area, then perhaps invest in some flooring that will absorb all the sounds from above. You could also look into getting a white ceiling installed above where you are sitting, as this will enhance the light that comes in from above. In a built-up area, there is a good chance that you will also have overhead wiring and ducting, so take the time to inspect these before you do any work. Once you have located the source of the problem, it’s a case of fixing it. If it’s an electrical problem, then contact an electricity provider and see if they can come out to your home to sort it out for you. In the meantime, you could try switching your light bulbs to see if this makes a difference. You may also need to look into getting a power booster installed in your area, as this can help to increase the electricity that is available to you. In many cases, an electrical connection problem can be fixed with a bit of tinkering and careful planning. However, if this is not the case, then it may be time to find a new home. With rising living costs and more people renting, why not consider an apartment in one of the many stunning London tower-blocks? There is certainly plenty to do and see in the capital, and the surrounding areas are beautiful and full of culture. You may not get the luxury of a garden, but you will find greenery inside the building. Not all will be beautiful and picturesque, but you will get the chance to see a wealth of plant life, whether it be inside a community or private garden, or in a rooftop space. These are just some of the things to think about if you are looking for ways to bring new life to your bathroom.

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