Is 8980 E Speedway 9101 Haunted? [Expert Guide!]

I recently acquired a 1987 Volvo 740 estate with just over 47,000 miles on the clock. I’ve always wanted a classic car for driving around the city, but because of my job, I’ve never really had the chance to drive one. Now that I have the opportunity, I’m considering whether or not to take it for a spin. Does anyone know the history of this model? Were there any notorious homicides or suicides committed by the previous owners? Is it haunted?

Model Overview

Let’s start at the very beginning. The model year of 1987 was one of the biggest in automotive history. It was the last year of vinyl records, and people were really into music. Artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince were at the height of their fame, and the automotive industry was benefiting from their popularity.

The iconic Volvo 740 became even more attractive because of this, and it was one of the most popular cars of the year. It was offered in a variety of trim levels and power trains, and it was quite a bargain from a Swedish company that had recently been taken over by a multinational corporation. This meant there were plenty of affordable Volvos on the market. It would later go on to become a regular part of the classic car collection for many people. In fact, it’s hard to find a Volkwagen of any kind for sale these days because many people have invested in models from the German manufacturer.

Vintage 88s Are Hot

In general, cars made in the late 1980s hold a special place in automotive history. To begin with, they were fairly straightforward to build and understand. The drivetrain and suspension were both good and the interior fit and finish were up to par. These are all things that were either rare or non-existent in previous models. In fact, many people consider the late 1980s to be the heyday of the classic car. However, it’s also the case that many of these models were inexpensive which means that many people had them. This makes them desirable to individuals who want to add a little bit of character to their collection.

The 740’s Big On Style, Small On Substance

With all that said, let’s get down to brass tacks. This is a 1987 Volvo 740 that is currently for sale on eBay. It’s a great example of this popular model and because it’s a few years old now, it has already reached its reserve price. This is unusual because many Volvos from this era languish on the market as they never really went up in price. Even more unusual, however, is the fact that this particular example is a four-door sedan and an estate. Most buyers out there were only interested in the three-door version. This is further indication that people are starting to appreciate the styling and luxurious nature of these older models as much as previous generations did. It would be interesting to know why this particular vehicle was chosen because it has quite a unique history that I would love to share with someone.

The Most Unusual Story

To begin with, let’s talk about the purchase of this particular vehicle. I live in New York City and I’ve been collecting classic cars for a while now. I bought this particular example from a lady in Pennsylvania who had owned it for 12 years. In all that time, she says that she had never driven it and didn’t have enough mileage to justify getting it repaired. This made it an ideal candidate for me to add to my collection as I knew that I would be the only one driving it. It had come with a lot of historical documents relating to the original owner, and a photograph of her as a young woman in a beautiful dress. This was something that really drew my eye to the car because I associated the woman in the picture with a life story that was both fascinating and tragic.


Let’s now turn our attention to the speculation of whether or not this particular model is haunted. The owner of this particular Volvo has stated that she had heard rumors about the car being haunted, and because she didn’t want to risk her life anymore, she decided to get rid of it. Does this sound like the kind of person you’d want to be driving if you were in a dark and dangerous neighborhood? You’d have to ask them yourself because I do not know the answer. All I know is that there is a lot of talk about this model being dangerous, and this particular owner did not want to take the risk.

An Unexpected Discovery

While searching for the history of this particular model on the internet, I came across an article that would not have been on my radar had it not been for the unique photographs attached to it. The photographs were of a man who was found hanging from a tree in a dark and remote location. The photographs had been taken from a distance and the man’s body was badly damaged which suggested that he had been dead for some time. It turns out that he had been a professor at a nearby university and his death was a result of suicide. This is where the story gets truly interesting because not only had he committed suicide, but he had chosen to do it in an extremely unique manner that would become his legacy.

A Treehouse With A View

This man had built his treehouse six years prior to his death. It was located on the fifth floor of a suburban Houston mansion and during the week that he worked on the project, he would often come down to the first floor to charge his laptop. In all that time, he never came down the treehouse stairs because he knew that the view from up there was so magnificent that it was worth the effort of climbing the 73 stairs to the third floor. When the project was finished, he came down the last few stairs, turned off the lights, closed the doors, and jumped to his death. After he died, his wife sold the house for a profit and the couple’s children now live there. What a way to go!

Is this the kind of car you’d want to be driving if you were in a dark and dangerous area? It’s a great question and the answer is that it really depends on you and how much you want to risk. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add a bit of intrigue to your collection, then by all means, go for it. Just remember that this model has had its share of bad luck, and you might want to consider whether or not you really want to risk having something terrible happen. A lot of research is needed to uncover the true nature of this model and its ability to inflict harm, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then the internet is full of possibilities. You can find anything on there if you know where to look.

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