Is A Marathon Card Good At Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

Some might argue that a marathon training plan is overkill for competing in a 500-mile speedway race. After all, you’re not running a marathon, you’re just racing for a few hours. But if you’re looking for a more challenging race to improve your stamina and speed, a marathon is a great choice. The world’s longest foot races started out as a way for local Bostonians to showcase their athletic prowess. Nowadays, however, the event is held around the world in honor of the town’s founder, John Hancock.

A speedway is a bit like a mini-marathon. Much closer in distance, but with much shorter bursts of energy. If you’re looking for something quick and tough to complement your existing marathon training plan, you can’t go wrong with a speedway.

Longer, But Not As Much Fun

Even though it’s only for a few hours, running a marathon is a lot of work. The distance is certainly a challenge, and running a few extra miles doesn’t sound as fun as it is in theory. What’s more, some runners I know have had trouble finishing marathons because of the extreme exhaustion. This is why, for many, a speedway is a better choice when it comes to a difficult but enjoyable race. Sure, you might want to go easier than you would for a full marathon, but you’ll still be able to push yourself hard enough to make it a challenge. And who knows – maybe you’ll even enjoy it.

More Challenging, But Definitly Worth It

A speedway is a great choice for someone who wants to add another challenge to their already-full marathon training plan. If you’re looking for something more mentally and physically challenging, but also want to benefit from the health benefits of regular exercise, then a speedway is for you.

It’s hard to put into words how much a speedway can challenge you. In a marathon, you’re running for a set period of time, which isn’t regulated. You’re not even really sure how long it’s going to take you to finish. In a speedway, every lap is a different length. You’re also always aware of how much air you have left in your tank, because the laps are shorter and you need to push harder to complete each one. All these factors make for a completely different experience. You’re always thinking about your pace, and how much you have left in the tank. So it’s not like a normal marathon where you can just run at a comfortable pace and enjoy the scenery.

It’s not just the physical aspect of a speedway that’s tough. The mental aspect is just as challenging. You’re constantly having to push yourself to your limits, and if you want to succeed, you have to be mentally prepared to put in the hard work. It helps if you have someone to cheer you on, or at least someone who understands what you’re going through. It can be a lot of pressure, trying to represent your whole team in a race like this, and especially when the stakes are high. But if you work hard and are determined to succeed, you can definitely enjoy the race and feel good about yourself afterwards.

Is a marathon card good at speedway? It really depends on you and what you want out of the race. Do you want to go the distance and finish strong? Or are you looking for a shorter but more exciting challenge? The answer is out there, and it’s up to you to find it.

To help you make the right choice, here’s a quick guide to comparing a marathon with a speedway.


As the name suggests, a speedway is a lot like a marathon, but with shorter bursts of energy and less distance. The similarities don’t stop there. Even their uniforms are similar. The big difference is that a speedway is usually held for a specific purpose. Like a marathon, a speedway is usually held to benefit charities or fund-raising activities, so you’re not just competing for the sake of it. You’re also there to support a good cause.

This is important, because if you run a speedway for the fun of it, it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to train for it, or to actually complete the race. The health benefits of regular exercise don’t really apply to short-lived activities like this, unless you’re into endurance sports and want to continue exercising after the race. When you’re competing in a speedway for a specific cause, however, it’s a different story. You have a reason to train, and you have a reason to race. There’s also usually someone there to help you push yourself harder, or at least someone who understands what it’s like to be in your shoes.


Despite the similarities, a speedway is still a completely different experience to a marathon. The biggest difference is in how you run the race. A marathon is a run/walk alternating pattern. If you’re running, it’s mainly for the enjoyment of it. You’re not always sure how much farther you have to go, so it can be hard to train for. On the contrary, a speedway is a set of loops with a defined start and finish. Each lap is always the same length, so you have to push harder to complete each one. This makes for a completely different experience, since you have to constantly be thinking about your pace and how much air you have left in your tank. In addition, there are no walk breaks in a race like this. Every runner is under a certain amount of pressure, because if they run a certain amount beyond that, they’ll be disqualified.

Another big difference between a speedway and a marathon is the atmosphere. A marathon is usually held in a neutral environment. You’re not in fear of getting injured, so there’s no reason to tense up before, during, or after the race. This makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, where injuries are less likely to occur. On the contrary, a speedway is usually held in a gym or a stadium, so the atmosphere is more competitive. This is also the case for other endurance events, like the Ironman. When it comes to serious athletic competitions, walkers are usually eliminated, and it’s all about the runners. This is to create a more exclusive atmosphere, where the competitors are focused and ready to race. This focus can lead to injuries, so caution must be employed, especially in speedways and similar events.

Which One You’ll Prefer?

In a perfect world, you’d want to do both. You’d want to run a marathon in the fall, just to get your legs ready for winter, and then do a speedway in the summer to build up your stamina. In reality, only you know what’s best for you, and your schedule might not be that flexible. If you have a specific race you want to run, then go for it, but if you want to enjoy your life, then a speedway might be the better option. You might even be able to find a loop in your city that’s close to what you want, and can be used for both a speedway and a marathon, so you don’t have to choose.

In the end, it depends on what you want out of the race. If you want to go the distance and finish strong, then go for a marathon. If you want a shorter challenge that’ll leave you feeling exhilarated, then go for a speedway. Find a loop that’s close to your home and can be used for both a speedway and a marathon, and you’ll be set for both events. If it’s not possible to do both, then you might have to settle for one or the other. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it’s all about what’s best for you.

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