Is Alvernon And Speedway Considered The East Side? [Facts!]

One look at the name Alvernon and you’ll know exactly what kind of restaurant this is. Old traditions mix with new trends to create a unique dining experience for each guest. You’ll find classic American dishes alongside seasonal specials like lobster during the summer months and dark, wintery delights such as pheasant during the colder months.

“Alvernon” comes from Henry IV, the fourth king of England, who was born in the village of Alvernon in Warwickshire. Henry was the father of the future king Henry V, who would go on to become one of the most powerful monarchs in English history. The name “Alvernon” became especially famous during this time, when it was attributed to a magical elixir that made its drinkers immortal. This myth may have had its roots in fact, as alchemist John Pellard first concocted a recipe for a “Pennyroyal Elixir” in 1551. The king’s last name would be added to the drink’s name when a descendant of King Henry IV named Richard also tried out the recipe. Thus, a drink named after two kings was born. Its popularity spread amongst the upper classes, and it soon became an essential part of their social calendar. As a result, the taverns and inns of England were named after this strange new drink. Today, “Alvernon” is still used as the title of a classic novel by George R. Stewart, which has been made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock.

If you’re looking to escape from the bustle of the city for a while, you might consider the small town of Alvernon as a relaxing retreat. The village has its share of boutiques, galleries, and charming inns and restaurants. You’ll find everything you need for a pleasant stay.

How Is Alvernon Different From Other Towns?

Alvernon is most decidedly unique. Its atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious, which makes it the perfect place to wind down after a hectic day in the big city. Your first indication that you’ve somehow wound up in a different place will come when you witness how otherworldly and un-English some of the behaviors around you are. For example, take a stroll down any street and you’ll see men in bowties and floral print shirts greeting each other with open arms. You’ll also notice everyone seems to know everyone else, and that they all seem to be getting on perfectly well together (despite what you might think from the outside).

People from throughout the country come to visit Alvernon. Many of these are well-known figures in their industry, whose presence here would reflect the growing reputation of the village as a center for gastronomy. The local economy benefits from these frequent visitors, who spend money within the village’s limits. This in turn helps residents and businesses alike to prosper.

If you’re looking for a slice of Americana, with none of the attitude, then Alvernon is the place for you. The small-town charm will remind you of a more informal and ‘vibrant’ time in history. While you’re there, you might want to sample some of the local cuisine at one of the many authentic English pubs or eateries. You’ll discover that not even the most diehard Brits are immune to the allure of good food and traditional English ale.

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