Is Anderson Speedway Open Today? [Fact Checked!]

Anderson Speedway is one of the most historic motorsport venues in America. After the original track closed in 1994, it was bought by Rick Hendry, who reopened it in 2011. The track is now open once more to the public, and it’s set to host one of the largest motorcycle events in history on August 12, 2019: the Red Bull X games.

What Is The Red Bull X Games?

The Red Bull X games are a collection of motoring and action sports tournaments that take place every two years. The games were originally conceived by Red Bull as a way to bring different regions of the world together in order to promote their products. The first edition took place in Abu Dhabi in 2017 and featured various off-road trials and a bike rally that traversed the entire country of India.

Why Is Anderson Speedway Important?

Apart from being one of the largest motoring events in history, the Red Bull X games also serve as an important historic sporting event. The first edition of the competition was the point where motorcycling as we know it today was officially born. It was there that the first motocross grand prix took place, and it was there that the custom was born. So to speak.

When Is The Next Red Bull X Games?

The next edition of the Red Bull X games will take place in Brasil in 2022. The Indian government is actively promoting the games, and they want to ensure that India is well represented. The organizers are also hoping that the event will help open up the country to foreign travel and trade. So, if you’re looking to visit or do business in India in the near future, then the X games are the place to be.

What Will The New Anderson Speedway Look Like?

Since the reopening of the speedway in 2011, the track has undergone a major face-lift. The organizers had to replace all of the original asphalt with tarmac, and they had to pave the entire circumference of the track. They also built new grandstands and dug out all of the old ones. The result is a brand new track that is virtually unrecognizable from the one that closed in 1994. It’s a testament to the tireless effort of the organizers and the resilience of motorcycling in general.

Will The New Anderson Speedway Be Electric?

The organizers of the Red Bull X games intend to electrify the entire event. They have partnered with PEMF – short for Power Exchange Motoring Federation – to bring live electrical racing to South Florida. Live power racing isn’t a new concept, and it’s something that many racers have been longing to experience. The technology is still in its infancy, so there are a few kinks that the organizers have to work out. For the moment, however, enthusiasts can get their fix at the newly rebuilt Anderson Speedway, where they’ll be able to witness some of the most historic motorsport moments in the venue’s storied history.

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