Is Atlanta Motor Speedway A Super Speedway? [Facts!]

Atlanta Motor Speedway is one of the most historic venues in professional motorsport. It’s been around since 1911 and has always been a fixture on the motorsport calendar. This year’s version of the Brickyard 400 was the 100th anniversary event and it attracted a massive crowd. It was also the scene of one of the most memorable finishes in recent memory. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson both had cars that blew up behind them. It was a real mess. The following is a short guide to whether or not this is still one of the best places to watch a race.

The Venue

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, this historic racing venue predates the modern-day Brickyard 400 by 12 years. It’s actually been superseded as the ‘world’s most famous race track’ by other tracks, such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but it’s certainly remained the largest track in the United States. This is because of its configuration, which is a loose loop with banking. It used to be that the frontstretch was the highest point around the circuit. This is still the case, but the backstretch is almost as tall as the frontstretch. The effect is that even though the frontstretch is relatively short, the backstretch is very long and this makes for a really exciting race, especially in the Busch Series. There are a lot of twists and turns, which makes for great racing.

The Finish

A close second to the finish at Indianapolis is the finish at Atlanta. One of the most exciting parts of the race is the moment when the cars reach the checkered flag. The last corner is very slow and the cars seem to just fly past one another. Add a little extra dust and a ton of sparks and you’ve got an unforgettable finish. There were a lot of close calls around the final corner. It was a real nail biter until finally, with less than a quarter of a mile to go, Austin Dillon held off Kevin Harvick by 0.024 seconds for the win. Dillon became the first son to win a NASCAR race. That ought to feel good for both Dillon and Harvick. I guess it’s always good to be the last man/woman standing.

The Attire

You would never suspect that Atlanta is a religious-free zone, as the name might suggest. There is, however, a significant Jewish presence in the area. For some strange reason, they seem to have embraced the Grand Prix scene and put lots of money into these grands prix. It’s always been a bit of a mystery as to why they seem to embrace these events so much. Perhaps it’s because they associate them with the rich and famous? One of the things that makes this site different from others of its kind is that, while most tracks these days are pretty smart about how they dress their fans, at Atlanta, you’ll see some genuine weird and wonderful outfits. One of the most memorable moments of the 2019 Brickyard 400 was when Chase Fieldhouse, wearing a tutu, climbed into the stands to watch the race. We can only assume that her mother didn’t allow her to wear pants to school that day. (Incidentally, Chase Fieldhouse is the same girl who jumped into the stands to celebrate with Kyle Larson after he won the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Dover International Speedway.)

The Food

One of the staples of any motorsport fan’s diet is the fuel-efficiency carneys. In recent years, NASCAR has embraced this concept and the result is that there are lots of great places to eat near the track. You don’t have to be a fan of fast cars to appreciate the culinary delights on offer in the form of gourmet grills and other such noshties. The downside is that since this is a religious-free zone, observant Jews will have a hard time finding a meal plan that suits them both. One of the best places to eat is called The Red Rooster. It serves classic dishes and offers lots of vegetarian/vegan options. The portions are huge and the prices are completely reasonable. The service is good and the atmosphere is fun and exciting. One of the best things about The Red Rooster is that it’s family-friendly. The kids will love the chicken strips with spicy mustard and the pickles. And the adults will appreciate the dry fried okra and the catfish sandwiches. There’s also a wide range of craft beers to choose from, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Atmosphere

Another thing that sets this particular track apart from other similar venues is the atmosphere. The way the air feels in Atlanta is just different from that of other sites. It somehow feels more alive, as if the trees and plants are actually breathing. We’re not sure how else to put it. Most people who live in the area tell you what a difference it makes. There’s also lots of history associated with the place. The main building was actually one of the first structures to be built in the area and it was used as a hospital in the Civil War. It was also the site of the original World’s Fair back in 1914. (It was the first World’s Fair to be held in the Southern U.S. and it was a huge success.) We could just wander around the main grandstand, looking at all the history, and feel sad that we have to leave, because it’s such a beautiful venue. Maybe one day, someone will restore it to its original condition and we can all come back and feel that special connection to this place again.

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