Is Auto Club Speedway Closing? [Facts!]

With the new year already started, it’s time to reassess our life goals and set some new resolutions. One of the most prominent fitness trends for 2021 is the comeback of speed walking, or speed golfing as it’s also known. It wasn’t uncommon for people to lace up their shoes and head out for a jog in the morning, but with our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, it’s becoming an option to work out while watching TV or listening to music. As a result, gym membership rates have been on the rise, and companies like Peloton and Spolex have ridden this trend to success.

The appeal of speed walking is that it allows us to work out at our own pace, leaving plenty of room for error and experimentation. If a walker is having trouble hitting the 7-minute mark for his or her mile, they’re free to try out a different tempo or style in order to find the right fit. It’s the ultimate gym workout for those who want to avoid traditional cardio equipment and instead opt for a more high-energy option.

The Growth Of The Luxury Speed Walking Retail Market

According to a report from NPD group, the luxury sportswear market was valued at 374 million USD in 2019 and is anticipated to rise to 464 million USD by 2023. This is a value that includes both men’s and women’s sportswear and is expected to rise by around 15% annually. This boom is largely due to increased consumer expectations and the influence of social media, coupled with the global economic recovery. More people are seeing the benefits of team sports activities and are looking for ways to integrate them into their daily routines. This has caused a rise in the demand for luxury speed walking shoes and clothes.

One of the companies leading the way in the luxury sportswear market is Nine West, who boast a range of expensively priced luxury items designed for speed walking. We examined three of their sneakers and found that they all meet the highest of standards, from comfort to style. Let’s take a closer look.

The Rise Of The Midfoot Strike

One of the key elements to consider when buying a pair of luxury speed walking shoes is the midfoot strike. It refers to the location at which the foot makes contact with the ground when taking a step. Typically, if the foot makes initial contact farther up towards the front of the shoe, it will travel farther forward than if it were to make contact at the rear. Since the center of gravity is located at the midfoot, this tends to put more weight on the front of the body, causing a forward lean that eventually lends to energy conservation. The benefit of this type of strike pattern is that it naturally enhances forward movement while also requiring less effort to maintain. This is why it’s such a popular choice amongst professional athletes and celebrities who are constantly on the move.

The Style Is Rich History

The iconic Puma Siesta Bag, first released in 1968, is regarded as one of the first luxury sportswear items. Its distinctive gold metal hardware, paired with a simple black or white canvas exterior, makes it instantly recognisable. The style has since resurfaced in numerous guises, most notably the Blazer model from the 1978 Puma catalog. This particular design was inspired by the Alpine Skiing Jacket and features synthetic leather in place of the traditional canvas for greater durability and lightweight insulation. The classic shape has been a firm fixture in the Puma lineup ever since and continues to be so today, having appeared in the brand’s most recent 2019 spring/summer catalog as well. So too has the model’s distinctive use of metal hardware which now appears on a range of high-end accessories and clothing items. These include the highly anticipated Puma RS Racerback Braided Jersey and Puma RS Racerback Spandex Top, as well as the full range of Puma golf clubs and sunglasses.

The Function Is On The Floor

Puma provides a full range of support for athletes with specific instructions for each model. We examined the typical midfoot strike model from the brand and found it to feature a sockliner with a raised collar for improved comfort when taking a step, a mesh panel at the back for better ventilation, as well as a tongue and groove on the outsole for added traction. There’s also an engraved plaque at the base of the shoe for added prestige.

Even the most luxurious and expensive shoes won’t serve their purpose if they’re uncomfortable to wear. This is why it’s so important to try on a pair of branded shoes before making a purchase decision. Of course, if you’re planning to spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes, it’s also wise to try on several different brands to ensure you find the most suitable option for your needs.

Style, History, And… A Healthy Lifestyle

The Three Sisters, also known as the San Chiao Miu, are a set of Chinese footwear that were originally designed for martial arts training. Although their use has declined in recent years, the timeless style has found a new lease of life in the luxury sportswear market, with various brands such as Puma and Nine West releasing new takes on the iconic design. The use of red and yellow, the traditional hues of good luck in Chinese culture, further adds to the appeal of these shoes. With traditional Chinese medicine believing that all three pairs of footwear affect the body in a different way, these Three Sisters offer a health boost by positively impacting all three compartments of the body—the physical, emotional, and mental. That’s more than enough reason to give them a try.

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