Is Auto Club Speedway Locked At Night Reddit? [Ultimate Guide!]

Now that the new year has arrived, many of us are looking forward to getting out on the road again. Unfortunately, for those living in the Greater Toronto Area, some of those roads may be closed off due to the cold weather.

One of the most heavily trafficked roads in the Toronto area is Auto Club Speedway, which is home to some of the most exciting NASCAR races in Canada. Unfortunately, while it may be fun to go for a spin in an auto racing car, the road may not be entirely safe. Some have voiced concerns over whether or not the track is safe for traffic after dark, and one Reddit user asked about whether or not the speedway is open on New Year’s Eve.

Let’s find out what the rules are regarding auto racing at Auto Club Speedway.

Is Auto Club Speedway Open After Dark?

Auto Club Speedway is a 2.9-kilometre-long, asphalt road that runs through the city. The track is fully operational all year long, and holds multiple NASCAR races throughout the season. As mentioned, it’s most well-known for its monster Truck races in the spring and summer, but it also hosts some of the most prestigious summer events in motorsport, including the Canadian Grand Prix, which is one of the qualifying events for the Formula 1 World Championship. It’s also one of the venues for the Honda Indy Toronto, which is a part of the IndyCar Series in the summer.

In the winter, Auto Club Speedway is closed to traffic, and is exclusively used for the Toronto motorsport community. The track reopens in the spring, and holds its annual Stampede BBQ Festival in the summer. In the winter, the track is closed to general vehicle traffic, and is only accessible by staff and volunteers. It is not uncommon for the speedway to close at night in the winter, particularly on New Year’s Eve, as it is usually a night without traffic. It’s also one of the few tracks that close during the week, as it’s a working farm in the winter, and fewer people need to travel on New Year’s Eve, so it usually isn’t busy then either.

One of the main concerns over whether or not Auto Club Speedway is safe after dark has to do with the lighting. The track is situated in a rural area, and is mostly off-road in the winter. This means that there isn’t always a lot of light surrounding it. The lighting that there is usually comes from either the moon or street lamps. This can cause problems when trying to drive at night, as it’s difficult to determine where the road ends, and where the fields begin. It can also be tricky to see what’s coming up ahead. These are all things that can cause car accidents, particularly when they happen unexpectedly.

Is A Drunk Driver A Concern At Auto Club Speedway?

One of the most frustrating things about Auto Club Speedway after dark has to do with alcohol. While it’s legal to drink alcohol in Canada, it’s also illegal to drive while impaired. According to the law, you’re considered legally drunk if you’re over.08, and it’s also against the law to have more than 4-and-a-half standard drinks in a day. It’s frustrating because despite the fact that Auto Club Speedway is a safe place for people to enjoy themselves during the day, it can still be very dangerous at night. This is mainly due to drunks driving, which is something that has become a huge problem in Canada. The vast majority of alcohol-related car accidents occur during the night, and many are deadly. If you’re planning on driving at night, it would be wise to avoid drinking alcohol, or at least to drive very carefully.

Who Needs A Glorious Drive To Get To Work Or Study?

Those who live within the Toronto area can often find work or study-related reasons to visit the area. It would be a shame for those who work or study away from home to have to stay in on that Saturday night, as there are so many things to see and do in the Toronto area, particularly if you’re a fan of arts and culture. If you do have that boring drive to work on Saturdays, though, it would be safer to do it during the day, as there will be more people around, and you won’t be tempted to drink and drive.

Are There Safety Issues At The Tracks?

There are some other safety-related concerns that need to be addressed at Auto Club Speedway. Despite being built more than 60 years ago, the track’s parking lot still suffers from trench foot, which is caused by a lack of good drainage. This means that in the wet weather, it can be difficult to prevent mud from building up in your wheel wells, which can eventually cause you to hydroplane, or spin out on the wet surface. This is mainly a concern at the track during the spring, as it gets very muddy, and it also floods after heavy rainfalls, creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are also concerns over whether or not the fences surrounding the track are high enough to prevent animals from escaping, and becoming roadkill, particularly in the winter. Although there are no confirmed cases of animals escaping and causing accidents on the road, it certainly does happen, and it’s one of the main concerns when it comes to driving at night. Wild animals can be very dangerous, as they may not react predictably in situations where you expect them to.

How Is Traffic At The Track?

Traffic at Auto Club Speedway is usually fairly light, particularly in the winter, as it’s only open to motorsport fans. It’s not uncommon for the track to have an hour and a half to two hours of traffic during the week, and even longer at night. This creates a bit of a nightmare for those who work or live nearby, and it also makes it difficult for those who have to go to school in the morning. It would be better if the track was open later, as it would give people more time to enjoy themselves, and get home in time for their families. While the track isn’t completely empty at night, it’s far from being a ghost town. Most people who attend races at Auto Club Speedway would agree that it’s definitely better than riding in a car with no one else around.

Is It Worth Visiting The Track After Dark?

While it may be tempting to visit the track at night, it may not be worth it. If you live in the Toronto area, there are plenty of other places you can go to enjoy yourself, even if you aren’t a fan of motorsport. You may find that it’s more convenient to visit the track during the day, as there will be more people around, and you can get the most out of your visit. If you do go at night, be smart about where you go, and who you travel with. Drunks and drug addicts may be attracted to the track, which can pose a danger to both you and other road users. If you do go there at night, take a taxi, as there aren’t any other forms of public transportation available at that time. This will allow you to get home safely in case you get into an accident, or if you wander off the road and get lost. When you get into an accident at night, it’s difficult to determine who’s at fault, as it can sometimes be hard to tell where the road ends, and where the fields begin. Try to prevent these types of accidents from happening by only driving during the day, when it’s easier to see, and most people are more aware of their surroundings. If you do go to the track at night, make sure that you don’t drink alcohol, as it can impair your judgment, and cause you to make reckless decisions.

Overall, despite the fact that there are a lot of dangers associated with driving at night, and particularly at a place like Auto Club Speedway, it can still be a very fun place to be, if you know the right spots and tricks. Make sure that you obey all the rules and regulations, and above all, make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings at all times. It’s also important to make sure that you’re familiar with the area, as knowing the surroundings can help you avoid problems. Just remember that no matter what, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and make sure that you keep that in mind whenever you’re out on the road.

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