Is Bristol Motor Speedway Lights Open Today? [Fact Checked!]

You want to know if Bristol Motor Speedway is open today? Or is it time for your cup of java and don’t want to miss out on the action?

You can check the lights schedule here, which lists the days and times the speedway will be open to the public.

Bristol Motor Speedway opened in 1906 and was originally named the Southern Cup; however, it wasn’t until 1924 that it really started to gain recognition, as it held its first NASCAR race. Since then, the speedway has hosted many different racing venues and has become a central part of the motorsport calendar, often hosting one of the most important events, the Daytona 500, in February.

The track itself has seen a lot of change over the years. Back in the day, it was a dirt track and over the years, it was paved, then reconfigured to include two separate pit areas and banking. One of those banking sections is named after Bill France, who served as Bristol’s track president from 1960-1973. It was then renamed the France Family Circuit and since 1987, it has been known as Bristol Motor Speedway.

The track is currently undergoing a $20 million redevelopment plan, which will see the addition of LED lighting, expanded seating and a new, state-of-the-art video screen. Many of these improvements are expected to be completed by the middle of 2021.

Where Can I Sit/Lounge At Bristol?

If you’re looking for somewhere to sit/lounge at Bristol, there are a number of options. If you’ve got your heart set on a specific spot, check out the map below to see if it’s possible to find a spot close to the one you’re looking for.

If you want to be near the entrance, the VIP grandstand is a great option. So too is the Kenosha Lot, which is near the front of the speedway. Alternatively, there’s the Tower Plaza, which is in the center of the property. It commands a great view of the track and offers a bar/restaurant as well as several other food and drink options. If you’d like to avoid any kind of traffic, the Cliff Hanger, which overlooks the back stretch, is a great option. It provides a fantastic panorama of the entire track and has food trucks and other amenities available.

What Else Can I Do At Bristol?

Bristol Motor Speedway is a hub for motorsport enthusiasts, with plenty to do beyond just watching the racing. The track is home to the Bobby Allison Racing Museum, which is itself worth a visit, as it features some fascinating cars and racing memorabilia. There’s also the Hall of Fame, which honors NASCAR greats. It’s a great place to learn about the history of the sport and its biggest stars. Last but not least, the Speedweeks Festival, which takes place annually in February and features a mix of motorsport attractions, including the NASCAR race itself.

There should be enough there to keep you busy for a day. If you have an extra $20, you can purchase the Ultimate NASCAR Race Pack, which includes a park pass for the day along with a variety of food and drink offers. You can also use this pass to enter any of the other attractions, including the Museums of Science and Transportation, which are both well worth a visit.

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