Is Columbus Motor Speedway Closing? [Solved!]

Rumors about the impending closure of Columbus Motor Speedway have been swirling for years. The speedway, which opened in 1934 and closed in 2009, has been a point of contention ever since it opened.

The facility saw its last NASCAR race on September 26, 2009. Since then, it has remained mostly vacant, with the occasional motorcycle race or concert drawing large crowds. The track was forced to close its doors due to the slow decline in car races, with only two events (the Snowmobile Nationals in 2018 and Monster Energy Supercross in 2019) held there since it shut down. It hasn’t exactly been a rousing success.

The debate over whether or not to close the speedway has been revived in the last year, with multiple reports indicating that the track could be on its way to foreclosure.

What Will Happen To The Building?

As the economy took a hit in early 2020, it was inevitable that tracks would close down. While several other NASCAR tracks were able to continue operating despite the pandemic, Columbus Motor Speedway didn’t have the luxury of staying in business. There wasn’t even any point in trying; the finances simply didn’t add up. The team owner reportedly owes creditors around $100,000 and has been trying to come up with a way to make the payment ever since. After the last NASCAR race in September 2019, rumors began to swirl that the building would be sold and the land developed into something new.

At the time, Kurt Schneider, the owner of Columbus Motor Speedway, brushed off the speculation, saying that he hadn’t given up and that he would find a way to keep the track open. “There’s lots of time for that,” Schneider said. “I’m not just going to give up on this community after all these years. I’d like to find a way to keep it open and operating.”

But it wasn’t just about the finances. The dwindling interest in car races at the track made it clear that it wasn’t a profitable venture. While the facility regularly brought in around $1 million in annual revenue, that number paled in comparison to the $100,000 that Schneider and company were likely to lose.

Why Do People Still Care About The Track?

The closure of Columbus Motor Speedway has been devastating to the community. It was known for supporting local businesses and charitable organizations, with over $10 million in cash donations made to non-profit groups over the years. The speedway also hosted summer youth leagues, which provided children with an opportunity to play sports in a safe and supervised environment.

The track’s final race saw over 100 cars hit the track at once, with many drivers expressing their dismay that it was the final NASCAR race held in Ohio. Unfortunately, the community has largely moved on, with many now seeing the closure as an unfortunate but necessary step in the right direction. After all, there’s no use keeping a race track open if there aren’t any cars competing on it. The future of the building is still up in the air, but it’s not likely to be a major center for sports events.

When Will The Last Race Be Held?

With each passing year, it seems farther away from the possibility of the last NASCAR race at Columbus Motor Speedway. The last scheduled event was on September 26, 2019, and a few hundred fans came out to see the Snowmobile Nationals. Since then, no other races have been scheduled. The owner of the track hasn’t ruled out the possibility of hosting an occasional concert or motorcycle race, but it seems more and more unlikely that NASCAR will be returning to Columbus anytime soon.

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