Is Daytona International Speedway Haunted? [Solved!]

There are many tales of the supernatural that call the famous Daytona International Speedway in Florida home. Could it be that the ghosts and monsters of racing’s greatest track are haunting the place and keeping the drivers on their toes?

Many fans believe that the spirit of Richard Petty–the driving force behind the legendary track–still roams the place. It’s said that when drivers are in their cars before a big race, they can feel the spirit watching over them and willing them on to victory. Could it be that the ghosts of Richard Petty and the rest of the team help guide the drivers to the win?

The place has supposedly been the scene of many tragedies. A plane crash at the airport nearby is said to be connected to the track, and several drivers and crew members have lost their lives there. Could it be that the ghosts make their presence known to the living through tragedy and haunting?

The track has had a lot of famous names linked to it over the years. Legendary NASCAR driver Richard Petty is credited with turning the place into what it is today. Names like Richard Petty, C.C. Whitney, and even William Holland still live on at the speedway, and it’s said that their spirits sometimes come back to haunt the track.

Then there’s the story of the Lady in White, said to be the ghost of a woman who died during an ice storm in 1885. The storm caused the ice to burst from the ground, and when it re-freezed, the ground became solid again. For many years the family of the woman believed to be the Lady in White has refused to let anyone wash the family’s blood-stained dress in case it disintegrates.

The Lady in White is said to haunt the bathrooms in the track’s grandstand. Many have reported seeing the apparition moving about the area, especially at night. Could it be that she becomes angered when people use her bathroom?

Other locations on the property and in nearby Volusia County that have been identified as having a spirit connection include the following:

  • The Dora Milner Hotel
  • Bissell Hall
  • Pembroke Lodge
  • St. Luke’s Catholic Church
  • The Wesley United Methodist Church
  • The Odd Fellows Cemetery
  • Kettering Building
  • The First Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Cane River National Forest

Could it be that the ghosts of these historic locations keep the living on their toes and help guide them to victory? Who knows—maybe it’s just NASCAR that needs ghost intervention.

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