Is Daytona Speedway Flooded Today? [Ultimate Guide!]

Most people have heard of the Florida State Fair, also known as “The Great Florida Fair,” but few know much about it. Every year, millions of people visit the Florida State Fair to soak up some sun and enjoy some of the best food and shows the state has to offer. It’s no wonder why the Florida State Fair is one of the top ten largest fairs in the country.

The 2020 Florida State Fair starts tomorrow (July 1), but the question on everyone’s mind is: is it going to be flooded like it was in 1957?

In case you’re wondering, a “flooded” fair refers to a situation where rising waters from Lake Okeechobee overflow and cause havoc. The 1957 flood was one of the worst floods in Florida history. Over 25 inches of rain fell in the area over a three-day period, causing water levels to rise dramatically. The final tally was 56 people dead and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Luckily, things are a bit different these days. While the lake does overflow during heavy rains, the situation is not nearly as bad as it was in the ‘50s. The water is currently held back by dikes and floodgates. There are also plans in place to prevent the flooding by elevating the dikes in the area. So, as long as humanity keeps pumping out the water, everything should be okay. For more information, check out the Florida Historical Society’s website.

Has This Been A Good Year For The Florida State Fair?

It’s been a good year for the Florida State Fair. Last year, it was the smallest since 1940, with just under a million people attending. This year, organizers are expecting a whopping 2.9 million people to flock to the State Fair. If that number sounds impressive, it is. The previous attendance record was set in 1940, when just over 2 million people attended.

Since the start of March, Floridians have been going to the parks and beaches for fun and for relaxation. Thanks to the staggered school closures caused by the pandemic, Americans have more free time than they’ve had in years. The influx of people has put a big dent in the crime rate too. According to one police chief, armed robberies at restaurants and hotels in his area have dropped by 95%. And the State Fair is one of the best places for families. The Tampa Bay Area Council of Governments (TBACOG) reports that last year, there were 4.7 million visitors to the county fairs, which includes the Tampa Bay Area Fair and the Florida State Fair. This year, they’re projecting 6.1 million visitors.

The Differences Between The Two Fairs

While there are many similarities between the two major Florida fairs, there are also several key differences. The Florida State Fair is the second-largest in the country, while the Tampa Bay Area Fair is the tenth largest. The Florida State Fair dates back to 1874, while the Tampa Bay Area Fair started in 1885. Another important difference is the size of the actual fairgrounds. The Florida State Fair is much larger than the Tampa Bay Area Fair. It has 26 exhibits, 1250 acres of fields, and is open for ten days. The Tampa Bay Area Fair has just seven exhibits, 110 acres of fields, and is open for four days.

What Will The Weather Be Like?

Daytona Beach, which is adjacent to the fairgrounds, will be sunny with a temperature around 80 degrees. This is perfect weather for soaking up some vitamin D and having fun. However, if you’re planning on attending the opening day fireworks show, make sure to bring a jacket. The temperature will rise quickly as the sun beats down on the field and surrounding areas. So if you want to be able to enjoy the festivities, be prepared for some hot air. The last time the Florida State Fair opened in sunny weather was in 1936. Since then, the temperature has always hovered around 75 degrees.

Will There Be Any Popular Exhibits This Year?

Last year, the Florida State Fair was a victim of its own success. The Tampa Bay Area Fair, which was closed due to the pandemic, was rebranded as the Florida State Fair and became the country’s second-largest fair. It was only natural that people would want to come back and see what all the fuss was about. And they did. The Florida State Fair saw its attendance rise by 14% from 2019. Some of the most popular exhibits last year included the Chicken Palace, where you could meet a live chicken named Cleo and experience “first-hand how it feels to be a chicken,” the Monster Truck Mania, and the Farm and Fleet. The farm animals at the Florida State Fair come from various locations across the state and include real-life creatures such as cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. Visitors can watch the animals and take a stroll around the grounds with them.

What About The Food?

The food at the Florida State Fair is world-class. There are dozens of nationally-recognized BBQ restaurants, as well as several family-owned restaurants that have been serving the community for generations. You’re in for a real treat if you decide to visit the Florida State Fair. There are also many local eateries, representing all regions of Florida, from the Florida Keys to the Everglades, along with some Southern-style dishes. If you love food, you’re in for a real treat. There are more than 200 restaurants and food vendors at the fair. In 2019, the fried chicken was the number one seller at the food booths. It was followed by pork and sausages, and pies and tartlets. If you’re on a keto diet, however, be careful about the foods available at the fair, as almost all of them are fried. You will find some healthier options, such as grilled chicken and fish, but you’ll need to look out for them. You may also want to bring your own food and eat it onsite, as the food trucks around the fair are very expensive. You will find a couple of vegan restaurants and food trucks at the Florida State Fair however. The most expensive food item at the fair is a plate of jumbo shrimp, typically costing $38. The cheapest item is a soda, which costs just $2.50. The fair also serves alcohol, but prices range from $3 to $13 for a drink. Most people who visit the Florida State Fair are from Tampa Bay, but the festival welcomes tourists from all over the world. Over a quarter of the attendees are from overseas.

What About Entertainment?

The entertainment at the Florida State Fair is world-class too. There are dozens of internationally-recognized bands and singers that play at the fair, along with local and regional acts. You are bound to find something that suits your taste. If you are into sports, the Florida State Fair is the place to be. It has a spectacular sports complex, with twelve different courts, including a roller rink, and the largest horseshoe courts in the country. The complex also has a baseball diamond, football field, and track. Many people swim in the lake too. In 1919, a world-class band, the Florida Orchestra, performed for the first time at the Florida State Fair. Ever since then, the annual concert, which features mostly classical music and jazz, has become a highlight of the festival. The 2020 edition of the Florida State Fair will be no different. There will be over a hundred performers, including the Florida Orchestra. You won’t miss a performance if you want to be able to enjoy the shows.

Is It Safe To Visit?

Thankfully, the 2020 Florida State Fair is shaping up to be a safe and secure event. There have been no major issues reported so far, though law enforcement warns attendees to be on the lookout for pickpocketing and scamming. During previous pandemic years, there were issues with crime at the Florida State Fair. In fact, the Tampa Bay Times reports that there were 16,700 reported crimes at the 2017 Florida State Fair, including 8,300 burglaries. The newspaper also reports that there were 765 motor vehicle thefts and 453 instances of motor running. Since the pandemic, those numbers have significantly decreased. In fact, TBACOG Chief Operations Officer John Taylor says that robberies at restaurants and hotels in his area have dropped by 95%. However, since the beginning of March, there have still been 17 reported robberies in the area. Hopefully, those numbers will keep declining.

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