Is Desoto Speedway Closed? [Ultimate Guide!]

There are a lot of rumors swirling around regarding the state of Desoto Speedway. Some people claim that the legendary dirt track is closed and has been for years. It has been closed for an insane amount of time, but it is still open. Others say that Desoto Speedway has been closed for months or even years, and that it has been replaced by a hybrid-based racing series.

No one knows for sure. Even the sanctioning body, the Union Motorsport Park, has not commented about the future of Desoto. We do know that this year will be the park’s 60th anniversary, which happens to coincide with NASCAR‘s 100th birthday. Whether or not this is a hint that something big is in the works at the speedway remains to be seen.

Where Has Desoto Speedway Been?

Desoto Speedway started as a replacement for a track that was closed in the mid-’70s. The name Desoto comes from DeSoto Junior High School, where fans of the track went to high school. The school is located in the northern suburb of San Antonio, which is itself located in the U.S. state of Texas.

The first track was built in the shape of a circle and had a 3.9-mile oval. It was later expanded to cover the entire school campus and had a 7.4-mile road course. According to a local news crew from the time, the speedway was built “to keep the kids off the football field and on the track.”

Sadly, it did not keep the kids off the football field. The track was so popular that even today it continues to host several high school football games each year. In fact, the school holds an annual alumni race every year at Desoto.

Does Desoto Still Play A Role In The Community?

Despite the fact that it has been closed for years and even decades, Desoto Speedway still plays a huge role in the community. The school, which is now known as North East Independent School District, still holds an annual alumni race each year. A local high school football team, the Renegades, still uses the track’s surface each week. The football field is also the venue for the annual Texas State Championship.

Many community service events and activities are also held at the track each year, including the popular Senior Olympics. The Union Motorsport Park also uses portions of the track to host their annual monster truck rally and mud bogging. The community center at Desoto is also used for open-air concerts and other events. The school district held an open-air concert at the track last year, which was followed by a fireworks display and birthday cake.

Does Desoto Have A Future In Racing?

Even though Desoto Speedway has been closed for years, it continues to have a large following in racing circles. It is mostly known for its open-wheel and kart racing events, although it has hosted many different motorsport categories over the years. For example, it was home to the Formula Nippon series from 1981 to 1983.

The track continues to have a lot of historical significance, as it was the first paved track in Texas and one of the first three in the country. It was also the first track to implement banking, which is when turns are formed on the track as the car makes its way around. Even now, many racing drivers and teams have connections to Desoto, including the late A.J. Foyt, who lived and breathed racing. Foyt even went so far as to design a car specific to Desoto, which he called the ‘Corsair.’

Final Takeaway

Ultimately, it is not clear what will happen to Desoto. Many people believe that it will be closed, but the owner and operator of the track has not given any indication that this will be the case. The fact that it has been open for so long is a testament to just how much it means to the racing community. It is definitely time for the track to go through some changes, but it will not be easy to find a suitable replacement. If there is an indication that a track is for sale, it would not be a bad idea to contact a real estate agent, as there are certainly a number of NASCAR fans out there who would like to see this legendary track preserved for future generations.

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