Is Eldora Speedway Racing Tonight? [Updated!]

The 2019 NASCAR season has just begun and a number of intriguing stories line the opening weeks of competition. At times, the storylines are so intriguing that they overshadow the sport itself. This is most definitely not the case tonight as there is no question that NASCAR is back and better than ever before.

Eldora Invitational Returns To Glory

Tonight marks the return of the Eldora Speedway Invitational to Lucas Oil Racetrack. For those that may not be familiar, this event is a showcase for up-and-coming drivers that are looking to make their name known. It is contested over 100 years and its prestigious reputation precedes it. The last time the Eldora Speedway Invitational was on the schedule, it fell on the heels of some of the most iconic sports competitions in history. While they may not be repeated, tonight’s edition of the Eldora Speedway Invitational will live up to the standard set by its famous predecessors.

NEXT! NASCAR Returns To Regular Season And A Number Of Exciting Stories Line The News

The NASCAR season is now in the books and a wide array of storylines will undoubtedly be discussed in the coming weeks. Suffice it to say, the 2019 campaign was historic for several reasons – the lack of a collective bargaining agreement being one of them. In fact, this was the first time in the modern era that the NASCAR season did not feature a playoff. We’ll have more on this in a bit.

2019 Was A Momentum-Building Season For NASCAR

If you had asked anyone prior to the start of the season whether 2019 would feature a breakout year for NASCAR, most would have said yes. After all, the last couple of years had not been kind to the sport and it seemed that the writing was on the wall. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, NASCAR delivered a campaign that surpassed all expectations. As the cars headed to the garage following the checkered flag at the season finale in Phoenix, it appeared that a whole new era had dawned for NASCAR.

The Year Of The Women In NASCAR

With the return of the NASCAR Whelan’s All-Star Race to Homestead-Miami Speedway and the increasing number of prominent women that have assumed roles within the sport, it is no secret that 2019 was a watershed year for female involvement in NASCAR. During a time when many other sports were gripped by a pandemic, NASCAR saw a 25% rise in female registrations. Moreover, we saw an increase in the number of women entering the car-buying process, with 47% planning to purchase a new vehicle compared to 38% in 2018. This is truly a testament to the increasing role models that the emerging female stars of NASCAR offer.

What’s Next For The NASCAR Women?

With the 2019 NASCAR season now in the books, it’s time for the sports world to take a breath and assess the impact that these unprecedented events have had on the sport. While there have been several positives that this saga of the COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on, including the importance of proper quarantine measures and the necessity of social distancing, there is no question that the sport of NASCAR lost a huge amount of goodwill in the process. Moreover, the economic fallout from this unprecedented event will be felt for years to come.

Does NASCAR Have A Singular Identity Crisis?

One of the things that has been most interesting to watch this year is the attempt by NASCAR to reinvent itself. Prior to the start of the season, the sport held a media day in which they hyped all of their new initiatives. One of the more intriguing statements made was that they were looking to reinvent their identity and the way that they present themselves to the public. While this may not seem like a huge priority given the dire circumstances of the last couple of years, these efforts seem to be bearing fruit as the sport has changed tacts completely.

Some Major Events From The Past That Return In 2019

While most every other sport was in hibernation, NASCAR returned to action with a bang rather than a whimper. Several major events from the past returned in spectacular form in 2019, including the Daytona 500, the Brickyard 400 and the All-Star Race. This is in part due to the sport having the year off but it’s also because of the work that the folks at NASCAR headquarters put in ahead of the season. These events will undoubtedly help the sport build a stronger foundation for the upcoming years.

A Regular Season Made Up Of A Series Of Unforgettable Moments

One of the things that has made the NASCAR season such an enjoyable experience is the way that it has been made up of a series of unforgettable moments. This year has been no different as the final weekend of the season provided another four-star moment to add to the repertoire. While much of 2019 was overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has still been a memorable season filled with great racing. It’s been a delight to see the sport rise from the ashes and continue on its upward trajectory.

Although it is difficult to put into words the significance of tonight’s race, the opening rounds of the NASCAR season have undoubtedly set the stage for an exciting campaign.

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