Is I-30 Speedway For Sale? [Ultimate Guide!]

It’s no secret that Atlanta is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Unfortunately, the city is also known for its incredibly congested traffic. Luckily for those looking to purchase a property in the area, there are plenty of options available! The problem is, choosing the right one can be tricky. Many people assume that all Atlanta real estate is expensive and difficult to buy. This couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, there are numerous options located on the I-30 between Hartsfield-Jackson and Downtown Atlanta that are completely saleable.

I-30 Speedway

One of the best values in Atlanta is I-30 Speedway. This particular subdivision is perfectly situated near the highway and only a short distance away from Downtown Atlanta. This neighborhood was originally constructed in the 1950s and is an example of how the ‘50s building style gave way to the more contemporary ‘60s and ‘70s styles. The homes in I-30 Speedway feature two to three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and one half bathroom. The floor plans are unique, as most of the houses in the subdivision feature a great room with a fireplace and an open layout that makes the house feel spacious and airy. Another great thing about I-30 Speedway is its location. The neighborhood is close to major highways and downtown, making it easy for anyone to get anywhere. It also sits on the banks of Lake Lanier, which is a gorgeous piece of natural beauty and a wonderful place to take a walk, run, or bike ride.

Preston Lake

Another great place to purchase a home in Atlanta is Preston Lake. This particular neighborhood is located north of the city and is bordered by the Chattahoochee River. One of the main drawcards to this particular subdivision is its gorgeous views of the water. There are also plenty of recreational activities available, such as fishing, boating, and swimming. One of the biggest selling points of this particular neighborhood is the size of the lot. Most lots are at least one acre, giving homeowners plenty of room to grow their own food, entertain guests, and take a stroll through the woods. Priced at only $25,000, this is one of the best values in Atlanta.

North Park

If you’re looking for a home that doesn’t take up too much room but also wants to be close to the big city, then North Park is the perfect option. This particular neighborhood is bordered by the Chattahoochee River and is surrounded by neighborhoods like Sugarloaf Mountain, Ansley Park, and Villa Rica.

There are plenty of parks, greenbelts, and waterways throughout the area. Additionally, you’ll find a mix of old and new architecture, giving the subdivision a unique charm all its own. One of the biggest selling points of North Park is its location. The neighborhood is nestled between the Perimeter and the Atlanta airport, making it easily accessible from almost every direction. Home buyers can enjoy the comforts of the city while also having the tranquility of the countryside close at hand. With Airbnb becoming so popular, there are plenty of accommodation options available as well.

The Upper Eastside

If you’re looking for some peace and privacy but also want to be close to all the city’s hotspots, then consider the upper eastside. This is the oldest part of town, dating back to the 1830s and is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. Most of the streetlights are from that era as well and many of the homes feature elaborate cast-iron railing and detailed woodwork. There is also a great mix of residential properties and boutique hotels, giving the neighborhood a unique character. One of the biggest attractions to the upper eastside is its shopping. If you love high-end brands, you’ll love browsing through the local boutiques, grabbing a cocktail, and taking a stroll through the city’s oldest Park, the Boulevard.


On the opposite end of town, but also worth considering is the westside. This particular area has seen some huge redevelopment in recent years, especially surrounding the intersection of Howell Mill Road and Auburn Avenue. There are plenty of restaurants and bars lining the streets. Take a stroll through the area and you’ll see plenty of people enjoying their day out in the city. There is also a great mix of residential properties and a few boutique hotels, giving the neighborhood a unique character. One of the biggest benefits of the westside is its proximity to the airport. It’s only a twenty-minute drive and is easily accessible from the highway. Homebuyers can look at this as a huge plus, given the rising demand for Airbnb. This is also one of the most expensive areas of town, but that’s a good thing because it’s a great place to be!


Another great place to buy a home in Downtown is on the northern edge of the central business district. Many people choose to live here because it’s close to the airport and the other hotspots of the city. If you’re looking for a place with a view, then this is the one you want to be in. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants located on the edge of the property, which means you’re never far from ‘eating good’. One of the biggest attractions to this particular neighborhood are the skyscrapers. There is also a mix of older and new buildings, giving the area a unique charm. One of the biggest selling points of Downtown is how everything is located so close to each other. Even the streets are lined with places to eat and shop. It doesn’t get much better than that!


If you’re looking for a truly mixed neighborhood, then consider the midtown area. This is a combination of the above, as you’ll find residential, retail, and office space here, as well as a fantastic old-fashioned street scene that is very different from Downtown. One of the biggest attractions to this particular area are the skyscrapers. The area is also incredibly picturesque, with the streets full of life and color. Homebuyers will love the variety of amenities located in the area, whether they want to dine out at a renowned restaurant or need a new gym to train at.

Perimeter Center

One of the most recent suburb developments is Perimeter Center, which is on the southern edge of the city. This is a mix of the above, with plenty of dining, retail, and office space. The neighborhood also features several parks and open spaces, as well as a great hotel located right in the middle of it all.

It’s important to remember that crime can be a problem in any part of town, so it’s essential that you and your family are protected. It might be a good idea to look into the security systems installed at each property before making any decision.

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