Is Indy Speedway Xmas Drive Open November 22 2016? [Expert Guide!]

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Christmas, you’re in the right place. Indy speedway has a tradition of holding an annual Xmas drive where fans can show off their cars and indulge in some old-fashioned family fun. This year’s edition is set to go ahead as planned on November 22nd, with practice starting at 10 am and the race going ahead at 12 pm. Visit the site here for more info.

What Is Indy Speedway?

Indy speedway is one of the biggest annual winter car festivals in the United States. The event is usually held in November and has been running since 1962. There are usually two or three big races held at the track, which is located in the middle of Indianapolis, with the last race or so deciding the overall winner. The main purpose of this festival is to allow fans to showcase their cars and meet up with other enthusiasts. There is also an accompanying parade where participants can march down the main street of Indy whilst being cheered on by adoring fans. This tradition started in the 1960s when the festival was first organized and continues to this day. Over the years, the festival has gained a reputation for being one of the most exciting events in the racing calendar. Unfortunately, this also makes it one of the most popular events too. Lines start forming outside the track before the start of the festival, with people patiently waiting their turn to get in. One should expect to pay around $20 for a general admission ticket, which gives you access to the whole site. You will find many big-name sponsors for this event, with some of them even offering special deals if you show up during certain times of the year. For instance, if you visit in the off-season, you will find discounted adult tickets and wristbands for kids.

The Evolution Of Indy Speedway

The history of Indy speedway is a fascinating one. It started off as a 500-mile amateur race held between various makes of cars. Due to the nature of motorsport at the time, these races were open to all comers and anyone could enter. This made it a really grassroots-y affair and the original organizers wanted to keep it that way. They formed a non-profit organization called the United States Auto Club and decided that money shouldn’t get in the way of true racing. This is why they turned down numerous offers of financial backing from big-name car manufacturers. They wanted to keep it small and independent, which is also why they decided to call their track Indy. Over the years, as more and more people got into cars and more and more people started racing, this race evolved into what it is now. In the 1960s, the organizers decided to make the event more of a show and introduced the idea of handicapping cars. This is how they decided to determine the winner. They gave each car a score based on how they performed and the scores were then translated into an overall winner. Since then, this has remained one of the primary ways of determining the overall winner of the festival.

How Is The Weather At Indy Speedway?

In the middle of November, the weather in Indianapolis is surprisingly pleasant. There are occasional light showers that don’t dampen the enthusiasm of those who want to attend the festival. Those who live in the area know that the last few weeks of November are typically the best with regard to weather. Days are getting longer and the air is just right. If you haven’t been there recently, prepare yourself for cold, windy, wet weather. You will find that the daytime temperatures can dip down to single digits, which is pretty miserable. Nevertheless, as long as you’re prepared for the cold, it’s still a pretty exhilarating experience. The night time temperatures are a little more agreeable, allowing you to get some sleep without being disturbed by the wind. Rain is also not uncommon at night, further enhancing the dreariness of the whole affair. Since the festival is usually held during the off-season, hotels in the area get a lot of slack and discounts. If you are planning on traveling to Indianapolis during the festival season, it’s a good idea to make hotel reservations well in advance. This is especially relevant if you want to stay overnight, as there are often limited hotel rooms available and the competition for them is fierce. It’s always best to call ahead and find out what kind of discounts they offer, as this can vary markedly between hotels and even between different room categories. For instance, a large group booking may offer excellent discounts, especially if you’re traveling during the off-season. Otherwise, a single person traveling on their own may find that the cheapest hotel will still cost them more than they would at another hotel, even if they’re in the same chain.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: A Brief History

There is a lot more to Indiana than just Indianapolis. The town itself is actually quite small and consists of little more than a few streets. The real attraction, however, is the track. This is where most of the city’s jobs come from and where most of its income is generated. In fact, the track is considered to be such an integral part of the city that the city’s name was changed from Indianapolis to Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1905. The first track was originally laid out in 1881 and was made of wood. As technology evolved and cars became faster, the track was widened and lengthened. In 1906, a grandstand was erected around the track and, in 1912, the seating capacity was increased from 15,000 to 80,000. This is when the track really began to grow. In 1920, the track was expanded again and the stands were updated. Since then, it has continued to expand and incorporate all the modern conveniences available. One of the best things about this track is that it is open all year round. In the summer, there are occasional concerts, exhibitions and festivals that go on and attract people from across the country and around the world. The track also has a museum located on-site, which is open all year round and offers a 360-degree view of the entire facility. It’s always a good idea to visit this museum, even if you’re not a car fan. It’s an incredible look into how a race track functions and how all the cars and people connect with each other during a race.

As for the actual trackside experience, you will find many different things to do and see. The organizers will put on a really good showing for those who attend, with various activities and games held throughout the day. There will also be food trucks parked around the area, so you can get your fill of junk food before heading to the next activity. You may also choose to visit the museum or catch a concert, depending on your interests. In addition to that, there will be plenty of vendor tents and sellers, where you can find all sorts of racing merchandise. As for the drivers, they will be out there, in their best racing garb, ready to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. All in all, it’s not often that you get to do a lot in one day, especially when it comes to car shows and festivals. This makes Indy a good choice for those who want to get something out of the way before the end of the day. Some might even call it the ultimate working junket.

The above article is a guide to if and where to visit in Indianapolis if you’re looking for some inspiration on where to spend your next vacation. Hopefully, this has given you a good idea of what the festival is all about and what to expect. Be sure to visit the site in the next few weeks to find out more. In the meantime, you can follow the progress of this year’s festival on social media, using the #ISWXDY16 or #ISWXDY15. This is the Twitter handle for those in search of information regarding this year’s INDY SPRINT WINDY XMAS DRIVE. You can also subscribe to Indy Speedway‘s newsletter to receive the latest news and updates regarding the festival. In addition, you can like their Facebook page to stay in touch.

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