Is It Raining At Talladega Speedway? [Expert Review!]

The weather in Alabama is unpredictable and often changes throughout the year. Even though it might be warm in the summer, you can never be sure if a cold snap is around the corner. In the fall, the air is still thick and damp with the smell of rotting leaves. In the winter, you might witness ice and snow for months on end. But there is one place where the temperature remains steady all year long – the speedway. You would rarely find a spot in the South more suitable for getting some racing in than Talladega.

Though it might still be hot when you arrive at the track, you can be certain that cold air awaits you once you enter the gate. The temperature will only rise as you proceed to view the racing from different positions. Since its construction in 1927, the speedway has been home to some of the greatest names in motorsport. Names like Richard Petty, Junior Johnson, and even Earnhardt remain forever etched in the minds of drivers and fans.

This year is no different, with several big-name drivers set to take the track. For instance, Dale Earnhardt Jr will be making his return to the NASCAR circuit after a two-year absence. A whopping 12 NASCAR races will be held at the speedway this year. Not only will it be a homecoming for Junior, but it will also be the case for many other drivers. After all, Talladega is a legendary place in the sport. It is arguably the most famous racetrack in the country. The name alone is enough to get anyone hyped up about the upcoming races there.

With the excitement of the return of the legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr and other big-name drivers, along with the twelve NASCAR races, it is no surprise that people are interested in the weather at Talladega. You might assume that due to its unique setup, the weather would be unpredictable. But that is not the case at all. Though the weather can change dramatically from day to day, over the course of an entire year, it shows very little variation at Talladega. In fact, if you look at the weather throughout the year, it is quite obvious that this is a dry place. Even when it rains, it rarely does so heavily. In comparison, the average rainfall at Talladega is only 6.9 inches. That means there is a 100% chance of at least some sunshine every day.

The Track Layout

The track layout at Talladega is quite unique. In the spring of 2019, NASCAR announced that the track would undergo a significant transformation. Instead of the standard three-mile oval, the speedway will now be made into a four-turn course. The new configuration, which is still under construction, should make for some exciting racing. Though no details have been released regarding the transformation, it is clear that the goal is to make the track more exciting for both drivers and fans. When completed, the new layout will feature a couple of brand-new turns. One of the new corners is called Four Winds. It is said to be a left-right combination that takes the place of Green Valley. Drivers will be able to experience a greater range of speeds, as the corner stands for both the fast and slow corners.

Though the changes at Talladega are exciting, they will undoubtedly prove challenging for the teams seeking to prepare for the upcoming races. Fortunately for them, the organization has released a draft schedule, detailing when each of the twelve races will be held.

Key Dates For The 2019 NASCAR Season

The key dates for this year’s NASCAR season are as follows:

  • March 22: The first race of the season will be held at Kansas Speedway. It is scheduled to be a 300-mile race.
  • April 12: The first Kentucky Derby Festival 300 will be held at the legendary Churchill Downs. It is a 125-mile race, which will start at 11:00 am. That is 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, which is when the race is scheduled to start.
  • May 11: The fourth race of the season will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is the Indianapolis 500, which is a 500-mile race. It will begin at 12:30 pm ET, with a live television broadcast.
  • June 9: The final race of the season will be held at the same place it all started – the Daytona Speedway. The Coke Zero 400 will mark the end of a very exciting season, which will be followed by the 2019 World Finals, in October.

What About The Wind?

Though it might not seem like it based on the previous two points, the weather at Talladega is actually quite manageable. That is because one of NASCAR‘s aims for the new layout is making the wind play a role in the races. When the air is racing past you at 300 mph+, it is quite evident that the wind is the biggest factor in determining the outcome of any given race. So while the schedule is calm on the surface, the wind could be the difference between winning or losing a race.

Thoughts On The Weather At Talladega?

If you are a fan of NASCAR, you have probably already formed an opinion regarding the weather at Talladega. Have you ever been there? If so, what is your opinion? Do you believe the rumors that the wind can be a tricky, moody companion? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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