Is Las Vegas Motor Speedway A Short Track? [Ultimate Guide!]

You’ve probably never heard of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway before, but you may have seen it on TV. If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you know exactly what it is. It’s that big oval track in the desert. I mean, it’s huge. They have races there, and it’s pretty much the only place you’ll see NASCAR on TV. The only problem is, is that for the most part, it’s incorrect to classify it as an oval. It’s closer to a mile-and-a-half long, and has two long straights followed by a slight uphill and a downhill. That’s why you usually see cars struggling for the lead on the last lap, trying to hold on for a victory.

What is it called officially? Well, according to the most recent race results, it’s officially named the LVMS 600. But that’s only because they run 600-mile races there. When the track was first built in 1957, it was given the name Las Vegas Raceway, but that was before they added the 600-mile races. That came later. Before 1957, it was just known as Speedway, which is still the case today.

Does It Have The Appearance Of A Short Track?

Let’s take a look. As I mentioned, it is a big track, with big fields. There are no infield facilities, so it looks quite a bit like a standard oval. But that’s not really that close. The track is banked at a 17 degree angle, which means it will challenge the car handling skill of even the most experienced race driver. It can be quite tricky to pass cars there. Not to mention that the track surface is quite rough, meaning even more grip. It’s definitely an interesting place to watch a race, but I would not say it looks like a short track.

How Is It Set Up?

There isn’t an infield, which means there aren’t any spots for cars to stop and park. This causes a lot of weaving as the racecars are constantly changing lanes. If you look at the layout of the track, there are only a couple of places where the racers can actually go. There’s the straightaway, which is quite short, and then there’s a long stretch of banked turns. This causes a lot of the action as you’ll see drivers battling for position along the straightaways, only to make a 180 degree turn and chase down another car, this time on the banking. The result is quite a bit of excitement, especially at the end when everyone is fighting for position. These turns are quite sharp as well, which makes it tricky for anyone not used to driving on the opposite side of the road. It’s quite a unique track, definitely one of the most challenging ones out there.

Is It Popular?

Well, it hosts one of the the largest sporting events in the country. But aside from that, is it really that popular? Sure, it’s received its fair share of spectators over the years, but it doesn’t seem to get the popularity that some of the other tracks get. The track is actually owned by an organization called Speedway Motorsports, Incorporated. The main reason for this is that it doesn’t get a lot of TV viewers. They probably don’t want to miss a race at the LVMS, but it’s quite rare for them to tune in for a 600-mile championship round. This is mainly due to NASCAR trying to expand their audience by adding more sports channels and events. But regardless, it’s still one of the most popular tracks if we look at online fan polls.

Does It Have The Reputations Of A Short Track?

Well, in some ways it does, and in other ways it doesn’t. There are a couple of places on the Internet that claim that the LVMS is a short track, mainly because of its size. But, in all honesty, most of the races there are quite long. There are only six or seven stops along the way, none of which are really close to each other. So, you really don’t need to rush. Plus, apart from one or two exceptions, the cars aren’t that fast there either. The racing is usually quite chaotic, with a lot of passing and weaving, and even some close calls. But other than that, it’s not like there’s a dangerous curve or corner that you’ll need to slow down for. The result is that most of the races end very similarly to how they started. There’s a lot of speeding, and a lot of trying to keep up with the other cars. In the end, it’s just a big track with big speeds.

How Is It Weather-Friendly?

This is a common question about any race track, and it’s quite easy to answer. They take good care of the weather conditions at the LVMS. The fact that it’s in the desert helps a lot, as you’ll always find sandstorms, sun, and heat, whenever it gets hot outside. The track is also shaded by the tall stands that line the track. So, even though it’s not that cool, at least it’s not too hot either. The result is that you can enjoy the racing without any problems. They also open up the track for practice and qualifying on cool, clear days. This is quite different from the majority of the other tracks, which only open up for actual racing on days with good weather.

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