Is Lincoln Speedway Running Today? [Solved!]

It’s been over 100 years since the legendary Lincoln Speedway opened its doors in New York City, and while the sport has changed considerably in that time, the basic principles of what makes a great race track haven’t.

In recent years, the once-popular speedway has seen a decline in traffic, and its future isn’t entirely bright. Fortunately, there are still a select few tracks around the country that manage to keep the magic alive, and one of them is… Lincoln.

Located 30 miles north of New York City in the town of Lincoln, the historic oval still sees some of the greatest drivers in the world drive its legendary corners. If you’ve never been there, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about, as well as consider it for your next vacation.

The History Of Lincoln Speedway

Lincoln Motor Speedway opened its doors in 1914, and it didn’t take long for it to become one of the greatest tracks in the country. In fact, before the end of that year, it was already considered one of the premiere motorsport venues in the country. The following year, it became the first track to be featured on the newly formed Grand National Road Race Tour. Over the years, the tour would become known for its annual event, the American Grand National Road Race, which ran from Chicago to New York and featured some of the greatest drivers of the day, including Louis Meyer and Ralph Mulford. This was one of the main draws for spectators at the time, as well as the competitors who took part in the race. Mulford would go on to win the first two annual races.

In the 1920s, the National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) was formed, and along with it, the Grand National Road Race. This is where it all started for Lincoln Speedway. In 1927, the track was expanded to be able to hold more races, and in 1928, they added more turns, lengthening the track by 200 yards. The following year, the track was featured in the film, The Little Horsemaster, starring Will Rogers. Will Rogers personally thanked the track and its owner for providing such a “fascinating location” for the filming of the movie. This is one of the many reasons why Rogers loved the track so much.

In the 1930s, NASCAR became a popular sport, and along with it, the races at Lincoln Speedway. Attendance increased, along with prize money, and in 1935, they began holding two races a week. In addition to this, they started holding an invitational race for foreign drivers. This attracted the attention of some of the greatest drivers of the day, including Louis Meyer and Louis Prichard. The latter would go on to win the inaugural race in Germany in 1938. This made history as it was the first time a foreign driver had won a NASCAR race. Since then, the races in Germany have grown in size and significance, attracting drivers from all over the world, including past winners such as Giuseppe “Nippy” Bonnier and Manfred “Rocky” Schroeder. Today, the race is known as the Volkswagen Tourist Trophy. The trophy is named after the German car manufacturer, who began using the original design in 1911 and continues to this day.

The Present Day Of Lincoln Speedway

Lincoln Speedway still holds two NASCAR races a week, as well as a division for the local high school aged drivers. The “World’s Fastest Half-Mile” was also founded there in 1932 and is the oldest sports car speedway in continuous operation. In fact, it’s one of the few left that still operates on its original layout. The only other tracks that still operate on their original track layout are Talladega, Alabama’s “Double Day” and Las Vegas’s “Streets of Old Las Vegas.”

The division for the high schoolers is called the Legends Cars, as this is where many of the great legends of auto racing are buried. What’s more is the town council gave the permission for these students to use the hallowed halls for their racing endeavors. They even provide scholarships for these students so that they can continue their racing education.

Although attendance and revenue have decreased in recent years, the crowds at the track still have plenty of love for the place. There are even a few clubs devoted to celebrating the history of the speedway and holding races on a weekly basis. This is due in large part to the nostalgia that comes with being there, but it’s also because they know that even though the track is now closed to the public, it will always be open to them. When you drive down the backstretch and take in the view of the entire oval, it’s obvious that even though this is a “closed” race track, it never truly closed its doors.

Why Should You Visit Lincoln Speedway?

Lincoln Speedway is many things, but most notably, it’s a motorsport marvel. In the 100 years since it was opened, the track has never really left the sports spotlight, and it shows no signs of stopping. There are still two races a week, as well as an invitational race for foreign drivers, attracting the attention of many famous racing drivers, past and present. It also regularly hosts the school division races for the local high school aged drivers. The division for the high schoolers is called the Legends Cars, as this is where many of the great legends of auto racing are buried. Finally, for anyone who loves cars and motorsport, there’s nowhere else like it on Earth. Coming from a fan of both, that’s quite an endorsement.

If you’ve never been there, now is the perfect opportunity to find out why so many people still hold such a special place in their hearts for this historic piece of American automotive design. Whether you’re a racing fan or just want to learn more about American culture, this one-of-a-kind track will not disappoint. Just make sure to get there early, as the last round usually ends around dusk.

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