Is Motordrome Speedway Closed? [Solved!]

When it comes to collecting games, there are definitely some classics you can’t help but want to have in your collection. One such game is Motordrome Speedway, which was developed by the same team that brought us Penny Arcade Racer and Golden Highway. If you have even the slightest interest in cars or motorsport, then you know exactly what this game is and how fun it is to play. For the rest of you, we’ll have a quick explanation.

What is Motordrome Speedway?

If you have played Penny Arcade Racer or Golden Highway, then you know exactly what type of game Motordrome Speedway is. You are presented with a speedway track similar to those seen at real-life NASCAR race tracks, and your goal is to navigate through the pack of cars and pick up a rocket that will give you an edge in the race.

The catch is that there are no rules in this game. Your only goal is to keep the car on the road as long as possible while picking up as many speed boosts as you can along the way.

Why Should You Play It?

If you are a car fanatic or have even the slightest interest in engines and power, then Motordrome Speedway is a must-have game. The developers actually state this is the game that got them into developing cars, as they originally built their engine in order to make it accurately emulate how a car would accelerate. It also helped that the game was insanely difficult, which made it a great test of both reflexes and luck. You never know when you are going to hit a wall or crash and it’s definitely fun to dive into something that is as close to reality as possible.

Where Can I Buy It?

If you want to get your hands on a copy of this game, then you will have to do some looking. The good news though is that it is relatively easy to find a working copy, as there are still plenty of boxes lying around from when it was first released all the way until now. Simply search for “Motordrome Speedway” on eBay and you will find plenty of copies to choose from. Just make sure you are careful and do your research before making any transactions, as not all of them are verified or authenticated. If you have any doubts, then it’s better to remain safe than sorry.

When Is The Next Race?

The next race for Motordrome Speedway is in just a few days and if you want to get a head start, then now is the perfect time to begin your preparations. There are several ways you can do this, but the most convenient one is to simply login to your Amazon account and download the Motordrome Speedway app. This will automatically update you on all the latest news and information regarding the competition. If this is your first time playing the game, then be sure to check out the rules as well so that you can get an idea of how things work and what to expect. This game is all about speed and adrenaline rushes, which is exactly why it is such a classic.

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