Is New Paris Speedway Racing Tonight? [Facts!]

There is a new speedway being built in France that will be capable of hosting World Championships. The news that Compiegne would no longer be hosting the French Open Athletics Championships in June 2021 caused quite the stir in the sporting world. Many were sad to see the country’s most prestigious athletic event become a thing of the past, especially as France had recently overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. However, speedway fans should feel glad that their sport would be given a new chance to shine. The news that the new speedway would be ready by the Summer of 2021 was music to their ears.

While the French government set a target of late May 2021 for the completion of the new speedway and its first race, the Pandemic prevented the organizers from keeping to that schedule. The target was eventually revised to early June 2021 and even then, there were delays. The opening night of the speedway was eventually rescheduled for July 28th, 2021.

The New Paris Speedway

The new Paris Speedway will host 15 racing events across four seasons, beginning in July 2021. The inaugural event will be a 150-metre double-elimination heat on Sunday 28th July 2021. The event will be open to all automobile classes, including touring cars, saloons, and specials. There will be a total of ten touring cars, three saloons, and twelve specials participating in the inaugural event. The new speedway is located in Fresne, a small town located between Paris and Saint-Lô. The venue is accessible from both Paris and Saint-Lô. An exciting detail is that the new speedway is a joint venture between French teams LECO and Eurodreams. The latter has gained a reputation as one of the biggest and most successful French motorcycling clubs. They are responsible for the construction of the new track and have designed it keeping motorcycle riders in mind.

The track will be a three chord design and is set to be just over 2.41km long. The organizers have kept the circuit relatively flat and safe, with very short straights and tight corners. This is to encourage overtaking and create entertaining racing. The circuit layout is based on that of the Auto racing track at the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. The designers of the new Paris Speedway have aimed to capture the authentic atmosphere of an Olympic race.

Why Should You Care About The New Paris Speedway?

The French government and the people of France have rallied round to help each other during these unprecedented times. The country’s sporting events have been postponed until at least late June 2021. The French Open Athletics Championships had to be cancelled and the Formula One Grand Prix was moved from Paris to Bordeaux. However, there is still much to be involved in and watched. The new Paris Speedway is just one of the sports events that you should look out for. If you can, why not?

The organizers of the new Paris Speedway have gone above and beyond to ensure that their first event will be memorable. They aim to produce a safe and hygienic sporting experience for their guests. The circuit will have an air quality monitor and alcohol will not be served at any of the events. The venue has also taken the step of banning selfie sticks at the races, as well as any other gadgets that could be used as a camera.

There is more to it than that though. The new Paris Speedway aims to bring together the nations best motorsport fans. They will host an online marketplace, where people from all around the world can come together and buy tickets to the various events. The organizers also hope that international fans will help establish a new presence in France, boosting the country’s tourism industry.

Will The New Paris Speedway Succeed?

Hopefully, yes. The French government and the people of France are keen to see the new Paris Speedway flourish, as it will provide a new sporting opportunity for the people of the country. It has been a long time since the people of France have been able to go to a sports event, which is open to all. The new Paris Speedway will give them a chance to get behind the wheels of a vehicle once again and see some intense racing. The entire nation is looking forward to the opening of the new Paris Speedway and welcoming back the tradition of going to a live sporting event.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still haunting the world, there is much to worry about. However, the organizers of the new Paris Speedway have provided a safe and immersive experience for their patrons. While the track itself is still a work in progress, the initial reception has been good and the organizers are optimistic that they will meet their target date for the opening of the track.

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