Is North Wilkesboro Speedway Coming Back? [Expert Guide!]

As the year comes to a close, racing fans around the world are looking back on a rather eventful year. From Formula 1 to World Superbike, the motorcycle racing world has been taken by storm. While there have been ups and downs throughout the year, the sport has never been more popular. In the U.S., the NISMO brand has become the epitome of success, amassing an impressive array of race wins and championships. In Japan, the Super GT series has seen the introduction of a new generation of racers and the revitalization of a moribund series. In South Africa, the premier racing series hosted an all-star race that became one of the most popular annual sporting events.

With all these races coming to a close, it’s a good idea to take a look back at the year that was and see how the sport has fared. Here, we’ll discuss five things that are trending in the world of motorsport in 2022.

#1: International Talent

The world of motorsport has never been more cosmopolitan. With the advent of eSports, gamers have become prominent fixtures at international motorsports events, competing for the most prestigious trophies. The growing popularity of e-racing has also enabled smaller teams to compete on a global scale, with gamers taking a step back and delegating their computer-based racing to experienced professionals. This trend has benefited motorsport, as more and more people around the world have become connected to the sport.

With more people becoming interested in motorsport, there has been a parallel rise in popularity for motorized bikes. As a result, there has been a boom in racing talent worldwide, with youngsters making their names in the sport and established stars looking for one final hurrah before they call it a day. If you’re a fan of motorsport, you couldn’t miss the countless opportunities to see your favorite drivers in the flesh.

#2: Revitalized Endurance Championship

One of the major headlines this year has been the resurrection of the Endurance Championship. For decades, the world of motorsport has been synonymous with car-based competitions. That changed this year, with motorsport moving to a new generation with the advent of e-racing. While the series still uses cars, the classes are now dominated by bikes, with over 70% of the fields being made up of motorbikes. This has resulted in an end to the days of boring engine battles, with races now providing a feast of technical skills and bike modifications for the audience at home. The revived Endurance Championship is the perfect example of how motorsport can remain fresh and vibrant while still attracting modern audiences.

#3: More Teams, More Competitions

The competitive side of motorsport has seen record numbers this year, with more teams and more competitions. The reason behind this is simple. With more people getting involved in the sport, there is an increasing need for more teams and more competitions. If you want to make your mark in motorsport, you’ve got to go that extra mile and engage with the fans. If you can provide them with an entertaining competition, you’ll make them grateful fans who will be eager to support your team in the future. The growing popularity of motorsport has also seen an increasing number of hybrid and electric cars enter the arena, providing even more competition. The more the merrier, as they say!

#4: More Riders, More Miles

Another trend that has emerged this year is that of the supersport. Just as in regular motorcycling, the interest in extreme sports cars has risen to such an extent that manufacturers have found it necessary to come up with special versions of their vehicles to meet the demands of the audience. The growing acceptance of eSports has also led to a boom in the number of gamers competing in motorsport, with professional teams recruiting experienced gamers who can punch above their weight and provide an entertaining spectacle. The increased interest in supersport has also seen a rise in the popularity of larger vehicles, with the likes of monster trucks having made a significant comeback this year.

#5: More Spectators, More Engagement

The growing popularity of motorsport has led to a rise in the number of people attending events. The resulting increase in spectator interest has led to a new era of engaging with audiences beyond the usual newspaper and TV screen. The growing trend of social media engagement has enabled motorsport to become more than just a game. At the forefront of this movement is the new series, 24 Hours of LeMons. The original idea for this came from someone who wanted to bring motorcyclists from all over the world together for a day of competition. The resulting excitement has led to the creation of a series that combines traditional motorsport action with a social media twist, with videos and photos posted throughout the event to keep the audience engaged.

While there has been plenty to keep up with this year, it is time to reflect on the things that made 2019 such a memorable year for motorsport. As we look ahead to the next decade, there are a number of exciting trends that will shape the future of motorcycling. The rebirth of the Endurance Championship is just one example of how the sport is looking to expand its audience and become more relevant to people beyond the realms of bike racing. It is also time to recognize the incredible drivers, teams, and manufacturers that emerged this year to lead the way for the next generation of racers.

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