Is Parking Free At Martinsville Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

Martinsville Speedway, located in Martinsville, Virginia, is one of the most historic race tracks in the country. The 1½ mile oval opened in 1950 and annually hosts the greatest NASCAR drivers of all time, as well as multiple prestigious races, such as the famous Grand National Championship.

One of the most recognizable features of Martinsville Speedway is the fact that there is no parking fee. This is in contrast to many other NASCAR venues, which charge an exorbitant fee for parking. But is this legal? Is it ethical? Let’s examine these questions.

Is Parking Free At Martinsville Speedway?

The short answer is yes, parking is free at Martinsville Speedway. However, this does not mean that there is no paid parking available. To be able to park in the first place, you need to purchase a parking pass. But even then, if you have a favorite spot, you can usually find a way to sneak in without paying. Since there is no fee to enter the facility, I would not recommend parking in the lot across the street or in front of the Grandstands. These are the worst locations to park, since you are practically guaranteed to get a parking ticket.

Is This Legal?

This is a question that one must ask themselves before parking in any certain spot at Martinsville Speedway. The short answer is yes, this is legal. The long answer involves the Virginia Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which states that “No person, as a condition of entering or remaining in a motor vehicle, shall consume an alcoholic beverage.” This was adopted in Virginia in order to prevent intoxicated driving. But this law was not meant to prevent people from parking in certain spots, since these are available for public use. It is generally accepted that parking in these spots is fine, as long as you are not driving while intoxicated. If you are questioning this, I would recommend seeking the advice of a legal professional. Most states have adopted a “zero tolerance” policy toward drunk driving, so this may be something to consider.

Is This Ethics?

Ethical questions arise when one considers the fact that there is no parking fee at Martinsville Speedway, while other NASCAR venues charge an exorbitant fee. The short answer is that this is not ethical. One should not be compensated for what they are doing anyway. For example, when you walk into a grocery store, you do not pay the cashier for retrieving your groceries from the shelves. You just want to pay for what you have done.

This principle applies to NASCAR parking as well. In my opinion, the only ethical solution is to change the way we think about parking at NASCAR tracks. Rather than seeing it as a necessary evil, we should learn to appreciate it as a gesture of the promoters’ goodwill. After all, providing ample parking spaces is both expensive and difficult, especially at spots that are not located directly in front of the entrance. So, in a way, they are allowing us, the fans, to pay them back for all they have done for us.

What About Handicapped Parking?

Many handicapped parking spots are available at Martinsville Speedway. These are clearly marked with a blue circle with a white ‘X’ inside of it. These spots are for guests with handicaps. However, this does not mean that you can park in these spots without paying. You need to consult a map or ask the person at the information desk before doing so. These spots are reserved for individuals with handicaps, and you most certainly do not want to encroach on these spaces. Even then, since there is no fee to enter the facility, you might consider paying for such a privilege. After all, the drivers and teams that you admire most definitely do not deserve to have their parking affected by financial considerations.

Tips For Spotting Some Classic Cars At Martinsville Speedway

There is a wide variety of cars and trucks on display at Martinsville Speedway. These are in various states of repair, which means that they have not all been driven in a long time. Some of them are genuine antique cars, which would not have been road-worthy a few years ago. But even the newer cars on display at the speedway have a special charm. This is mainly due to the fact that they were built with a level of craftsmanship that makes them appear more like works of art rather than mere transportation devices.

Before you set out to see these cars, it is important to know a few things. First of all, it is not usually permitted to bring an unregistered vehicle to a NASCAR venue. An exception to this rule is made for those driving for charity, as they are allowed to bring a vehicle of any kind. This is to encourage donations of various kinds. Second, the cars have to be parked in the designated areas. This usually means that they cannot be in the middle of the open field, but it also prevents them from being next to the road, either. Third, keep in mind that these are old cars, and thus in many cases, are not equipped with the most modern safety features. For example, many of the vehicles do not have airbags, which would protect you in case of a serious accident. If you are planning on driving any of these cars on the road, you should definitely purchase a licensed driver, as there is no way that you will be able to perform admirably while also looking after your driving.

But even the most skilled drivers can have accidents. In fact, many NASCAR races, including the biggest ones, are won on the basis of pure luck rather than skill. There are simply too many variables that can cause accidents to be able to predict them with any degree of certainty. This is why I would always suggest that you be extra careful whenever you are around these cars. Enjoy them while you can, because as soon as your attention is distracted, you will undoubtedly have the chance to see one drive by and hit you.

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