Is Parking Free At New Egypt Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

New Egypt Speedway, located in New York City, is a popular destination for racing fans. The 1.5-mile tri-oval speedway regularly hosts Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series events and the New York City Grand Prix.

The track is owned by Tony George, who also owns the surrounding area. The speedway is open to the public, and General Admission is free. It’s one of the only places in New York where you can go and experience live auto racing.

There are many restrictions, however. You need to arrive early and stay late, for example. You also can’t bring outside food or drink into the track. What’s more, children under 10 are not permitted at all (with some exceptions).

What Is General Admission?

General Admission gives you access to all areas of the track, including the pits. You can bring kids and even stay late without worrying about paying. It also means you don’t need to worry about getting a spot near the track.

To get General Admission, you must either show up early or stay late. The early birds get the first pick of seats, so make sure to arrive early to avoid missing out on a good view.

Are There Any Amenities?

The bathrooms at New Egypt Speedway are not available for use by the public, so plan on using public transportation or going before or after the race to avoid missing your ride.

There is one restaurant located inside of the track, as well as a bar and casino. While there are no public amenities aside from the bathrooms, the track itself provides food trucks and an upscale concession stand. Fans can purchase beers, pop, and hot dogs from the concession stand before the start of the race.

There are also four luxury suites and some hospitality trailers available for rent. You can bring a guest, but you must notify the hotel at least three weeks in advance.

What Is The Weather Like There?

New Egypt Speedway is located in New York City, which is subject to extreme weather conditions. The temperature can reach up to 25 degrees, so make sure to bring warm clothing with you.

The track is surrounded by a swamp, which can make the air humid. Even when the temperature is cold, the dampness in the air makes it feel a few degrees warmer. Fog sometimes descends upon the track, making it hard to see the cars and the checkered flag at the end of the race.

What Is The Track Like?

New Egypt Speedway is a half-mile tri-oval track with seating for 45,000 spectators. It is completely banked on all sides, which makes it fairly unique among speedways. The track is designed in a way that encourages speed and close racing, which in turn makes for exciting motorsport. With a bit of elbow room behind the finish line, you can catch a good view of the entire race. There is an interesting museum located on site, which houses race artifacts from the 40s and 50s. The centerpiece of the museum is the 1955 Le Mans trophy, which was won by the Porsche team of Ferdinand Porsche and Wilhelm Hamann.

If you’re a car fan, then New Egypt Speedway is a must-see. There is also a lot of entertainment outside of the track, including live music during the day and various bars and restaurants near the venue if you want to spend the night. Unfortunately, the parking is not free, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.

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