Is Speedway 711? [Answered!]

Is it a coincidence or did the designers of the video game series Speedway 7 come up with the name because they wanted to cash in on the success of the FIFA Football title?

The answer to this question is, of course, no as this is actually the seventh game in the Speedway series and the first to be published under the moniker of 711.

This article will examine whether or not the title Is Speedway 711? Hold on to your hats because it is about to get interesting.

Features Of Speedway 711

Thanks to Penny Arcade Reporter, who unearthed this game from a Hidden Gem contest and graciously gave us permission to republish this information!

If you are unfamiliar, the Penny Arcade Reporter Hidden Gem contest is an opportunity for gamers to discover under-the-radar games that deserve your time, effort, and attention.

One of the prizes for winning this contest is an all-expenses-paid trip to California to meet with the designers of the game of the winner’s choice. That is a lot of financial relief for the winner of this competition and it is clear that a lot of thought went in to choosing this platform.

However, the trip to meet with the game designers is not the only draw to this title. There are also dozens of cars and bikes to customise, modes of play, and more! Let’s take a look.

The Cars

For those of you who have played the previous Speedway games, you will notice that they have gradually incorporated more and more vehicles into their formula. For example, Race Of Champions incorporates Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati vehicles into its open-world setting.

It would seem that the designers of this game wanted to continue this trend and so we get to drive a variety of classic and contemporary vehicles in this game, including Ferraris, Porsches, and a Chevy Blazer! The list of cars is massive. There are at least 65 cars and bikes to choose from. You can also buy cars that other players have designed and built. There are some truly unique vehicles in this game. While most people will remember The Saint for his hilarious exploits, it is important to note that he comes in a Porsche 911 and drives it like a pro throughout the gospel.

Whether you adore fast cars or not, there is a vehicle here for everyone. Just check out the Driving mode samples below.

The Bikes

As we mentioned above, the Speedway Games Inc. series has gradually incorporated more and more vehicles into its formula. The bikes are no exception. While some will argue that Trials is the definitive Road Racer game, it is important to remember that Trials is a single-player only game. Therefore, if you want to play with others, you need to resort to split-screen mode or online play.

In Speedway 711, we get to drive bikes that are more modern and unique than we have ever seen before in a road racing game. For example, we get to drive bikes with rocket launchers, blasters, and dual-wielding policemen on them.

While this game may not feature some of the more obscure bikes from the Golden Age of Road Racing, it does feature bikes that are relevant to our current generation. This generation grew up with Nintendo Power, Game Cards, and the World Wide Web. These are the types of bikes that we, as gamers, instantly recognise.

Even if you have never driven a bike in your life, you will have no trouble picking up the basics of road racing. The controls are simple and responsive, the environments are beautiful, and the bikes are stunningly crafted. All in all, it is clear that a lot of love went into the making of this game. The problem is, love can only take you so far.

The Gameplay

As we mentioned above, Speedway 711 is set in a near-future era and places like San Francisco are now occupied by giant datacentres, hotels, and more! Our story begins with our unnamed protagonist arriving at Oakland International Airport. From there, we are taken to the downtown area of San Francisco, where we have to undertake a series of races.

On our journey to Oakland International Airport, we get to drive a selection of 65 cars (plus bikes in Trials mode) and have access to 55 Environments (plus towers in Tetris mode)

The gameplay is pretty standard for a video game of this nature. There are 7 races to complete, which can be won in a number of ways (for example, by accuracy or speed).

Each race is won by getting a certain number of wins. In most cases, this entails getting a certain number of first places and second places. However, in some races, such as The Saint, we are presented with a time limit and need to get as many laps as we can in a single time span.

The amount of money that we earn varies depending on the number of wins that we collect. Therefore, if you want to maximise your revenue, you need to focus on achieving as many wins as possible. While this may sound easy enough, it is a far cry from the truth. The enemies that we encounter along the way are designed to counteract our efforts and cause us to lose countless hours (which is the goal of the game!).

The Verdict

Ultimately, we decided to award this game 4 out of 5 pens. Although the gameplay is fairly standard, the sheer number of cars, bikes, and environments make this an outstanding example of a video game from the Golden Age of Games. The soundtrack is incredible, especially during the journeys to Oakland International Airport and San Francisco, and the game fans will undoubtedly want to play this game again and again.

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