Is Speedway A Stand Alone Gas Station? [Solved!]

Gas stations are not just for gasping for air. They used to be places where you could get snacks, use the washroom, and get some directions. Nowadays, with more and more people working from home, smart phones and GPS, people are searching for alternative ways to get gas without having to leave their cars.

Speedway, a standalone gas station located in Midtown Manhattan, serves as both a beacon and a testament to the changing times we live in. It is the only gas station in Manhattan where you can still get a bite to eat, get directions, and use the washroom without having to get out of your car.

The History Behind Speedway

It all started with a bet. In 1957, two gas station owners named Jack and Charlie, decided to match-up their station’s hand-pulled Naughton Prichard’s Against Harold’s classic 1958 Chevy. They were arguing about which one of their stations had the better burger when a customer came in and asked for directions. As it happened, neither of them had a GPS, and they started arguing about which of their stations was closer. The customer, who was obviously not a sports fan, started laughing and asked if they were actually going to settle their dispute about burgers with a push of a button. At first, they both thought it was a joke, but when the customer repeated the question, their eyes opened wide. Since then, the customer has been referred to as “the geek” by both Jack and Charlie, and it was determined that day that they would establish a place that would provide all of these services to anyone in need, regardless of which gas station they patronized.

The Evolution of Speedway

Since then, the same family has owned and run both gas stations. In the beginning, everyone referred to it as “the geek shop” or “the hand-palmed gas station” due to the incredible focus on detail and customer service. A sign outside the station advertised “The Mecca of All Cars”, which became a byword for exceptional customer care. The owners, Jack and Charlie, were known to have long hours, working through lunch and often beyond closing time just to make sure that their customers felt taken care of.

Over the years, the services offered at the station have grown to include more than just gas and oil changes. Customers can now get their cars washed and detailed, as well as get an oil change and a fill-up all in one. In addition, they can get a tire rotated, get an air pressure check completed by a mechanic, and even get an alignment corrected if needed. While these services are quite exceptional, the heart of the station has always remained the same – to provide excellent service to any and all of their customers, regardless of whether they are frequent or rare users of the station.

Why Are So Many People Going There?

It’s the perfect place for anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered with finding a parking spot or dealing with a long line at a gas station. People can go in, get what they need, and leave. No one is supposed to be there for longer than necessary, so everyone is comfortable leaving whenever they want.

Since most people don’t need to spend a lot of time there, there’s not really a reason to have a lot of employees there, which means it’s a great place for someone looking for a job, as well.

Is Speedway Changing How You Think About Gas Stations?

When you step inside the building, it’s apparent that speedway is a place designed for those searching for alternatives to gas stations. There’s no wall tiles or carpeting – just concrete and metal. The service advisors work at a cubicle, not a desk. Some of the computers are even arranged in a L-shape, so they can work while standing up.

While this may not be the kind of office environment you’re used to, it is a testament to how this particular station tries to accommodate their customers’ needs. In addition to providing exceptional customer service, the owners and operators of speedway want to change the way people think about gas stations, too. They want to be the go-to place for anyone searching for gas, even if they don’t normally frequent that type of establishment.

So, is speedway a stand-alone gas station? More and more people are answering “yes” to that question, thanks to efforts such as these to provide an exceptional customer experience regardless of which car they drive.

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