Is Speedway A Top Tier Gas Station? [Ultimate Guide!]

Some might consider it blasphemy even to talk about the quality of gas stations after the pandemic. The world was in turmoil, and the very concept of a daily drive down the highway was turned upside down. Gas stations that were once heaving arteries of the motorway became death traps as the cars in front drew away to avoid being crushed by the hoard of traffic queuing for fuel. Those that could afford it filled their tanks at cheaper stations on the outskirts of town, avoiding the major metropolitan areas where most of the carnage took place. The death toll from road accidents dropped, as those that knew better paid more attention to their driving and less to fuelling up.

The economy eventually saw a light at the end of the tunnel, and people were able to go back to driving as it was before the pandemic. While some of the damage was irreparable, gas stations that stayed open were able to restore a lot of their original charm. Even those that had to close down managed to keep some of the old traditions alive such as having the forecourt filled with cars and music, and offering customers a taste of ‘50s Americana.

So, given all that, is a gas station still a gas station if it doesn’t measure up to the standards of the pre-pandemic days? We take a look at what makes for a top-notch gas station, courtesy of the Gas Safe Register.

Best Overall

We’ll begin, as we often do, with the five-star overall winner. This year’s Gas Safe Register Awards have gone to a small, independent garage in Hampshire that serves as a lifeline for its elderly and isolated members. The garage provides them with both accommodation and activities that help them to socialise, as well as giving them a sense of purpose and pride. What’s more, the business also offers electric vehicle charging points and hires out electric cars so that its customers can enjoy a drive without worrying about running out of petrol.

The garage relies on goodwill and word of mouth to get by, and so far, it’s had a lot of positive feedback. In fact, the only negative comments received came from previous customers who felt that the service wasn’t as good as it could be, which motivated the business to improve. This kind of engagement shows that the company genuinely cares about its customers, and is committed to ensuring that they have a good experience at every stage of their journey.

Best Self-Sufficient Station

If you can’t be bothered with the hassles of finding a car park and paying for parking, you can always rely on dedicated self-sufficient self-serve stations. They’re built with a fuel dispenser on the outside so that customers can pump their own fuel, and a trailer hitch and electricity supply on the inside for those that need to recharge their cars. These stations save on parking costs and minimise environmental impact by cutting out the middleman and using renewable energy sources such as solar power to keep the electricity bills down.

In England alone, there are over 300 places where you can fill your car without having to go to a garage, and the numbers are rising as more and more people are taking their cars to someone they know instead of paying exorbitant garage fees.

Most Innovative

What if I told you there was a way to cut down on your fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint? You could use this innovative technology that was designed for military use but has now been adapted for civilian life. On the outside, you’ll notice the sleek, aerodynamic shape and the reflective coating designed to keep heat inside. In case you’re wondering, the name AeroVern comes from the fact that it was inspired by both the shape of a bird and the chemical compound used to make Teflon.

The innovative concept behind AeroVern is to reduce the amount of fuel you need by more efficiently using the air around you. The device is able to extract more oxygen from the air than we’re used to breathing, and it prevents moisture from building up on the inside of your car, which could cause it to rust or corrode.

Not all innovative ideas save you money though, as this system also demands a constant power supply to work, and if you run out of electricity, you’ll have to wait until your next refueling to make another phone call. It’s a conundrum that many automotive companies are struggling with, as some of their customers are now purchasing smart cards instead of cash, and those that do use cash are often finding cheaper rates outside of London where transaction costs are higher.

Most Sociable

We’ve talked about technology helping to keep you connected and in touch with the world, but how about a little old-fashioned human connection? A sociable gas station invites individuals to come in and make friends with the staff. They might get a picture with the pump smilingly, or ask after each other’s family, or leave a voicemail for the attendant after their visit.

If you want to reduce your fuel bill and lower your carbon footprint, you could look for gas stations that are most sociable, and make new friends there. The bonus is that you can also help to keep the economy going by spending more money at places that are friendly towards customers.

Most Popular Theme

If you’ve been a regular reader of this column for long, you’ll know that we like to keep an eye on the zeitgeist and see what’s popular at the moment. Given that a lot of people are now taking a second look at their cars and considering electric vehicles as an option, it’s no surprise that people are attracted to garages that offer electric vehicle charging points and/or that employ people who can answer all of their questions about electric cars and even take them for a spin. This is especially popular amongst mums as they can drop off their newborn babies whilst getting their cars serviced.

What if we told you there was a way to get all of this without having to leave your house? You could create your very own virtual garage with a smartphone app, mapping out all of the amenities and services that are available at your fingertips. Imagine having all of the information you need at your fingertips, whether you’re planning on purchasing a new car or just want to service your current vehicle.

The world of garages and petrol stations has changed significantly since the last time we looked at these topics, and while there are still plenty of five-star gas stations around, you might not be getting the service you deserve.

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