Is Speedway On Race Track Reward Better? [Solved!]

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a reward system is, how they work and what the various types of rewards are for. We wanted to clear up the confusion so here’s a straightforward guide about what are the different types of rewards and when you should use them.

First-Class Loungewear

This is what you’ll get if you’re wearing a hat that says “World Elite” or “Professional” or “Puma” on it, along with a pair of sunglasses, a tracksuit and track pants in the same color scheme. It comes with a matching jacket and purse and is designed to make you look like a pro wherever you go. It will keep you warm and comfortable on the track, but it’s important to note here that the items in this category should be worn for the entire duration of the race. Padding, especially in the form of Cooling Gels, is a great way to make sure the driver stays comfortable and focused on the task at hand. These items can also be used to create effective air circulation in the cockpit, which can help improve your car’s performance – it’s a win-win situation. Keep in mind that the more you put in it, the more you’ll get out of it. So, don’t be afraid to invest in quality items that will last you for years to come.


This is what you’ll get if you’re not racing but you’ve still spent money on an entry fee. Typically, you’ll be dropped off at the beginning of the track and have to find a place to park your car. When the green flag drops, you’re expected to get out of your car and walk around for a bit, before being able to get back in and race. You will not get any rewards for this activity, other than the satisfaction of knowing that you did everything you were supposed to do. This category is mainly intended for people who want to have a good time but don’t really care about winning. For more information on this type of entry, check out the Start-and-Park FAQ article on Race Day Tips.

Last-Chance Loop

If you’re in a race and you’re already halfway around the track when the yellow flag is displayed, you have the option of either finishing the lap or exiting the race. In this scenario, you get to keep whatever items you earned up until this point, but you’ll have to start over again from the beginning once the yellow flag is waved. This lap should be saved for last-ditch efforts or if you’ve already won the race. The items you get in this category depend on how far ahead of the yellow you were when you crossed the line – the earlier you exit, the better your chances of getting a better return on your investment. This category is usually reserved for the experts, the professionals and the like, and is a complete waste of time for anyone else.

Short Track Betting

If you’re racing on a short track and you finish in the top five, you’ll get to choose between a standard trophy or a commemorative bet cup. With a standard trophy, you’ll simply get the satisfaction of knowing that you finished high enough to earn it. With a commemorative bet cup, on the other hand, you’ll get to keep both the cup and the items inside it, plus a small amount of money. This is a great way to make sure you’re prepared for races that are sometimes only a few minutes long, but you need to make sure you’ve got enough time to place your bets before the first race of the day – the earlier you do this, the better your chances of being able to play your cards right.

What About Dressing Up As A Driver?

This might sound like a strange question, but it’s actually a common one among the competitors themselves. There are a lot of jokes about how much some of them look like real drivers, which is basically why this question comes up a lot. If you want to get into the spirit of things, you’re more than welcome to dress up as a driver and get driver’s license photos taken at a nearby store. This will help you save time on race day and ensure you make the right identification easier, should you become involved in an accident. Don’t worry, though: no one is required to wear a helmet when taking these photos, so you don’t have to look like a complete idiot either.

Is Speedway On Race Track Reward Better?

The above examples only covered the basic types of rewards you’ll get at a race track. Depending on the size of the payout you’re expecting, you might also get items such as an all-in-one camera bag, complete with a lens hood, a water bottle or hand sanitiser. Some races also give out hardware items, like seat cushions, harnesses or wing mirrors. If you’ve got a particular item that you think might be helpful to have during a race, be sure to let the organizers know so they can keep an eye out for it during the race. Even something as simple as a pen might be worth having, since it could come in handy for lots of things. It would be great if they could give out pens with the corporate logos on them, so everyone knows who sponsored the event!

As you can see, there are a lot of different rewards associated with different parts of a race. If you can figure out which ones you’ll need and which ones you can do without, the answer will be much easier to determine. Try to bring along an extra set of clothing for afterwards, just in case you get wet or dirty during the race. This will make it much easier to change your outfit after the race, should you want to transition from driver to spectator or vice versa.

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