Is Speedway On Tonight In Poole? [Solved!]

There are some pretty exciting racing events coming up this season, with some big-name drivers headlining the line-ups. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, is the Night of the Stars, a special event arranged by Omeo Park, and features three different sprint races. One of the highlights of the night is the presentation of the Sprint Classic, a trophy that is awarded to the winner of the event. If you live in Poole or are planning on travelling there any time soon, it might be worth checking out what is on this week. The schedule for events looks pretty jam-packed, especially for a Tuesday (the night before a Wednesday). But, if you can get your hands on a ticket, it should make for an exciting night out. And remember: entertainment is free!

Festival Of Speed

To be in with a chance of winning the prestigious Sprint Classic, you will have to be there (or at least in the area) on 8 September. For those of you who didn’t know, the Festival of Speed is an annual motorsport event held at the end of August. The Festival of Speed also features the British Superbike Championship, and some very cool displays and competitions for car and motorbike enthusiasts. It’s a great opportunity to be able to see some of the biggest names in motor racing in action. Tickets are reasonably priced, and it is well worth going to if you are into motorsport. There is also the option of buying a “taster offer”, which grants admission to the track for just £12 instead of the usual £25. The Festival of Speed is held at the end of August, and tickets go on sale in April.

Fujitsu V8 Superbike Championship

If you’re a fan of the Ninja, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a newly formed Fujitsu V8 Superbike Championship. The series will see Japanese superbikers take on each other in a variety of races throughout the year. The season kicks off on 10 April, and you can find out more at the Fujitsu V8 Superbike Championship website. The website also provides information on how to become a fan of the series, and keeps you up to date with all the news regarding the series.

International German Open

If you’re a big fan of BMW motorsport, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a new international open-wheel series. The BMW International German Open is a championship for German-built cars, or at least cars that are assembled in Germany. The series is open to saloon cars and touring cars, and will see drivers from all over Europe take on each other in a variety of race formats. The first event is due to take place at the end of August, with the championship finishing at the end of October. You can find out more about the series, including the regulations and the entry list, at the BMW International German Open website. Also, don’t forget – if you’re in Germany at the end of October, then you’ll be able to go and see some of the biggest names in global auto racing compete for glory at the final race of the season. It should be an exciting finale to the season!

Speedway Grand Prix

The last but not least item on our list is the prestigious Speedway Grand Prix, which is one of the most prestigious series in all of motorsport. The series pits top English and American motorcyclists against each other in a variety of races throughout the year. American bikers have dominated the series in recent years, and it is a great opportunity for any patriotic British biker to see his countrymen beat the Statesmen at their own game. The season kicks off on 23 July, with the first race being held at the Snetterton 400. Tickets for this event start at £23 for standard seats and range between £32 and £35 for the luxury suites. You can buy them online from the official website, or from other websites that specialize in selling luxury goods, such as Ticketbis. The series finale is held at the end of October, and thousands of fans travel to watch the races. It should be an exciting conclusion to the season!

If you’re a motorsport fan, then this week looks like it will be eventful! With so many big-name events to go to, it’s worth thinking about whether or not to spend the night in Poole. Perhaps make some dinner plans, or else plan to catch some of the big-name events on television. It should be an exciting week for any motorsport fan!

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