Is Speedway Open Now? [Expert Review!]

When it comes to attractions, there are plenty of options for those looking for a heart-pounding ride. But what if you’re not exactly sure if the rollercoaster you’ve heard so much about is still open to the public? Is it safe to go there? Is it worth going there?

While it’s always nice to get excited about going to the amusement park, the real fun begins when you’re actually there and able to explore the attractions. Unfortunately, not all parks are made equal. Some are constantly under renovation while others seem to operate as though they’re in a vacuum. Despite the perks of visiting a famous amusement park, you have to decide whether or not the experience is worth the hassle.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. Below we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about visiting the infamous Speedway. We’ve also included some tips on how to make the most of your visit. So whether you’ve been longing to see what all the fuss is about or you’re just curious about the place, keep reading.

Everything You Need To Know About Visiting the Speedway

The Speedway, located in Enfield, Connecticut, is one of the most recognizable and historic amusement parks in the world. It was originally established in 1912 and has been operating as a family-friendly amusement park ever since. If you’ve never been there, here’s a short video which gives you an idea of what the place is like.

The park welcomes over one million visitors each year and is well-known for its thrilling rollercoasters and heart-pounding rides. If that’s not enough, the speedway also boasts an aquarium with over 60,000 tropical fish, a zoo with over 100 animals, and an amusement park with over 140 rides and attractions. If you plan on visiting any of these places, make sure to save them for last so you have enough energy for the long walk back to the hotel.

Is It Safe To Visit The Speedway?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit the Speedway. In fact, the park’s management encourages you to take a stroll around their site. Even better, they’ve installed a lot of new security cameras which guarantee to keep any would-be criminal away. In addition, the park is constantly undergoing renovation and improvement so it’s always safe to say that the experience there is never really the same twice. While there are plenty of safer and calmer places to visit as a tourist in Enfield, you would be missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you go there.

How Long Does It Take To Get There?

Getting to the Speedway is not difficult. The town of Enfield is located 15 miles north of Boston and is easily accessible via the Massachusetts Turnpike. From Exit 18, take Route 2A south for three miles to Route 2. At this point, you can either turn left or right. If you turn right, you’ll run into the Main Street Mall where you can find all the fast-food restaurants and gas stations. Alternatively, if you turn left, you’ll have access to I-87 northbound. From there, it’s another 20 minutes to the gates of the Speedway.

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Speedway?

The best time to visit the Speedway is during the day. This is because the attractions are mostly open during the day and the heat from the sun can make the experience more spectacular. Unfortunately, the park closes early in the evening (around 5 pm), which means you won’t be able to catch the sunset over the stadium.

On a positive note, the park opens early in the morning (around 10 am) so if you want to catch the sunrise, make sure to wake up early. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait till later in the day when the park opens. In addition, it’s best to avoid going there during the snow season as the walks to the park will be turned into a treacherous adventure. On that note, be sure to check the weather before making plans as it often takes a bit of luck to be able to visit this spectacular place. Although, if you do get the chance, make sure to grab it while you can.

Is The Food There Good?

The food at the Speedway is exceptional. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why so many people visit the park. The restaurants at the Speed-way are known for their innovative and exciting takes on traditional fair food. For example, if you’ve never tried fried chicken from a donut truck, you’re in for a treat. Similarly, the fried dough at the park is made with real eggs and has a unique twist on the chocolate fountain.

Do People Come From Far Away Places To Visit The Speedway?

Yes, people come from all over the world to visit the Speedway. In fact, over 500,000 people from over 40 different countries have visited the site. Some of the more popular destinations from which people travel to the Speedway are as follows:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Saint Lucia
  • Trinidad & Tobago

If you are from one of these places, you’ll have to wait till October to visit the Speedway as it is during the off-season. But don’t worry, locals still get in as they know the ropes. In addition, the season also affects the prices at the park. As there are fewer people about, the rides will be empty and there will be less of a crowd. This means fewer tourists, fewer people taking pictures, and cheaper food and souvenirs. So, in a sense, it’s a win-win situation.

What Should You Bring To The Park?

As with most other places, people there are extremely friendly and helpful. So, in that spirit, here’s a short list of things you might want to bring to the park:

  • Swimming costume
  • Change of clothes (for men)
  • Change of clothes (for women)
  • Bikini (for women)
  • One-piece (for women)
  • Swimming shoes (for men & women)
  • Buddy
  • Camera
  • PDA
  • Credit card
  • ID
  • Purse

In addition, it is recommended that you travel with a buddy. This can be a spouse, a friend, or any combination thereof. The point is to have someone with you in case things don’t go according to plan and you get lost or separated from the group. As mentioned above, locals are extremely friendly so you might even end up talking to someone who knows the park like the back of their hand. This would certainly be a good thing as it’ll save you a lot of stress and heartache should you get lost or separated from the rest of your party. On that note, never hesitate to ask for help – even when things seem to be going smoothly and you’re having fun, help will always be nearby should you need it.

Also, Enfield is a safe and family-friendly place. This means that children are welcome and there will be plenty of kid-friendly attractions and restaurants. In addition, be on the lookout for families as there are plenty of places where you can take a stroll, play in the water, and catch some rays without having to worry about your kids getting scared by the bogeymen or monsters under the bed. On that note, if you’re traveling with children, make sure to bring their appropriate clothes and equipment. This will help ensure that they have a fun and safe experience as well.

On a positive note, safety is one of the major issues at the Speedway. In fact, it’s among the main reasons why so many people avoid the place. However, this is largely due to bad luck as much as anything else. Despite the best efforts of its staff and the installation of numerous new security cameras, there have been many unfortunate incidents at the park. For starters, the place was robbed twice in 2006. In 2008, a 16-year-old girl was killed by a coyote that escaped from a nearby farm. In addition, there have been a number of break-ins and sexual assaults.

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