Is Speedway Open On Christmas Eve? [Updated!]

Yes, the Speedway. As a matter of fact, it’ll be open all night on Christmas Eve. But maybe fill up on supper first. They’ve got some pretty decent seafood here. And the eggnog is something to look forward to after that.

You might think that all the stores would be closed on Christmas Eve due to the fact that it’s a holiday. But you’d be wrong. Most stores in fact, remain OPEN on Christmas Eve. It’s the one night where all the stores get to shine. (Well, some shine better than others. But you get my point.) This is because many people do their shopping on this night. And many others dine in restaurants and eat well. So it’s a bit of a holiday for the entire population. (At least in theory.)

And that’s why you might find some interesting offers on this night. As you’ll be in a hurry to finish your shopping, you might find some excellent deals. If you’re looking for something unique and don’t mind driving, you might find a fantastic bargain. It doesn’t hurt that many stores have special discounts on this night either.

But probably the biggest draw is the fact that Christmas Eve is associated with presents. And there’s nothing more exciting than going to a store at midnight on Christmas Eve and finding something that fits every single one of your friends and family. (Who you’ve bought presents for, of course.)

Everything On Sale, Except Beer And Wine

You wouldn’t think that alcohol would be on sale during Christmas. But it is. In fact, you’ll frequently find cheaper alcohol on sale on this night. It’s the one night where all the bars, restaurants, and hotels get to promote their beers, wines, and spirits. (With the possible exception of the beer halls, which might close early due to the fact that it’s getting a bit chilly.)

And it’s not just about the alcohol. You’ll also find all sorts of goods on sale on Christmas Eve. From furniture to clothes, electronics to accessories, and much more. It’s a great opportunity to get everything you might want for Christmas. Or for your home. (Although, much of it will probably be on sale during the holiday season. But it’s a good opportunity to save more.)

While most stores won’t be open on Christmas Eve, the ones that are usually close a lot of people work on this night too. So there’ll be more people around. Which means more opportunities to meet people.

An All-Night Entertainment Hall

One of the things that makes the Speedway so special is the all-night entertainment hall. It’s a great place to go with your family and friends. And it’s not just about the movies either. There are all sorts of live performances and other events that take place there. (As well as some pretty decent food and ice cream.)

It would be a shame if this amazing venue closed on Christmas Eve. So if you’ve got a family event planned on this night, make sure you check the schedule and see if the Speedway is open or closed. (Assuming you want to keep your family together. Or at least sleep without arguing.)

More Shopping Malls Open On Christmas Eve

Speaking of arguing, it’s a great opportunity to do a lot of that too. Especially with relatives. Although, most people come to the malls on Christmas Eve to shop. It’s also a great place to people-watch. (And argue.)

There are a lot of malls that are open on Christmas Eve. And it’s not just the traditional big-name stores that you’d expect to find there. A lot of smaller retailers and even some individual stores are open on this night. (Which is a great opportunity for last-minute shoppers. Who don’t have to worry about the mall not being open.)

It’s not just about the shopping either. You can find a lot of restaurants and bars in the malls too. Which is probably why they’re open on Christmas Eve. It’s also a good chance to people-watch and meet new friends. (As long as you don’t expect too much from the people you meet.)

More Restaurants Open On Christmas Eve

Speaking of friends, it’s a great opportunity to meet new ones. Especially at a restaurant. (Although, you might run into some old friends too. At least if you go to the right place.)

A lot of restaurants and bars are open on Christmas Eve. So if you’re looking for a place to be with friends on this night, there will be plenty of options. (Assuming you don’t want to go too far. There’s only so many places in the city that are still open past 10 p.m.)

It’d be great if the night of Christmas was actually a night of rest. But most people don’t get that lucky. (Unless they’re really, really rich.) So most people have to work on Christmas Eve. Which is why they stay up late, do their shopping, and head to the restaurants afterwards.

More Activities At The Lake Tahoe

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some lake action. The 2018 Winter Olympics were held in PyeongChang, South Korea. But they also had a joint promotional event with the 2014 Winter Olympics, which were held in nearby Tahoe.

This joint Olympic event gave us the opportunity to attend some of the competitions and spectacles. And one of the things that drew us there were the outdoor ice-skating arenas. (Which are absolutely breathtaking.)

During the day, you’d find people skiing and enjoying the snow. (Although, it hasn’t been that cold yet. But it will be soon.) But at night, the outdoor arenas become the perfect place for people to gather and enjoy live music, drinking, and dancing.

It’d be great to have an outdoor skating rink in your city. Especially in the winter. There are so many advantages to an outdoor ice rink. Not just for kids. (Although, they love them too.) But it’s a great place for anyone to spend a night. (Especially if the forecast is grim and you don’t want to go anywhere outside.)

Since they’re already out there, it’d be a shame to not make the most of it. So rather than having an indoor ice rink, why not have an outdoor one? (Assuming your city is warm enough for it. The winter is a bit extreme.)

It’s always nice to have fun activities to look forward to during the winter holidays. (Especially when it’s cold and miserable outside.) So instead of just staying inside and playing video games, why not get out there and do something exciting? You might even meet some new friends too. (As long as you don’t expect too much from them.)

But maybe the best thing about the night of Christmas is that it’s the night before Christmas Day. Which is a night of rest and relaxation. (At least for kids and some adults.) So it’d be great to put in some good, old-fashioned Christmas preparation. (Especially if you’re looking for a stress-free night.)

You might have all the presents and decorations ready. (For those who have been naughty and nice.) But there’s still one more thing to do. (Which is probably the most important part.)

On Christmas Eve, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Not just as a religious matter, but also as an excuse to have some fun. (Provided you follow the right procedures.) So instead of being stressed out about the stressors of Christmas, why not use this night to relax, refresh, and prepare yourself for the big day? (Assuming you’ve done all your shopping and are just waiting for Christmas Day. Otherwise, you might want to do some last-minute shopping on this night.)

This way, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the holidays. Without all the extra pressure. (At least not too much.)

It’s not easy being a zombie these days. You have to eat brains, and people keep killing you. It’s even worse if you’re a female zombie. They think you’re carrying their kid. (Which you’re not. By the way.)

But it doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is some brains, a bit of a brain makeup kit (which you can get for cheap), and some wire. (That’s all.)

Once you have those things, it’s time to start acting like a real zombie. (Or undead. Or whatever.)

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