Is Speedway Open On Christmas? [Ultimate Guide!]

If you’re planning on visiting or moving to the UK anytime soon, then it might be a good idea to find out when the major motor racing events are on. There are some that take place even during the winter months, and some that don’t, so it’s best to know which ones you can and can’t take part in. We’ve put together a list of all the important dates for motor-racing fans in the UK so that you can plan your visit or move accordingly. Keep reading for more information on each event.

Grand Prix Season Starts Early

Motor-racing in the UK has to follow a certain format thanks to the British Grand Prix meeting. The season starts way before September, with an initial ‘closed season’ which lasts until June. After that, the ‘open season’ begins and runs until the end of October. During the ‘closed season,’ the only racing that takes place is at the five British Grand Prix circuits – Silverstone, Autoworld, Oulton Park, Cadwell Park and Brands Hatch. During the ‘open season,’ the circuits will hold some form of racing event almost every weekend, with the occasional midweek race as well. The most prominent event of the ‘open season’ is the British Grand Prix which takes place at the end of October, and the final race, the ‘World Championship’,’ which is normally held in October as well.

Racing Takes Place At Multiple Locations

While the grand prix season mostly takes place at the five British venues listed above, other forms of motor-racing take place at other locations around the UK. For example, there’s the Ulster Grand Prix which takes place at the iconic Dundonald Racetrack in Northern Ireland, and the Southern 500 at the iconic Darlington Raceway in North Carolina. These are both great tracks and worth going to, particularly if you’re a car fan. It would be a shame to see all your travel plans ruined because of bad weather or other circumstances, so it’s always best to know when these events are going to take place so that you can make the most of them.

The UK Is A World-Class Destination For Car Collectors

Even if you aren’t that into cars, it’s still worth traveling to the UK just to see how many unique cars are there. Most notably, the nation is home to one of the greatest car collections in the world, with over 150,000 automobiles currently on display across 54 collections. The most famous of these is The Henry Ford Collection – featuring over 30 vehicles from the great American company – a collection which covers the entire history of the brand, from the Model T to the current day. There are also smaller collections devoted to specific models, like the Mini Cooper and the Jaguar E-Type. If you’re into cars, then the UK is a must-visit destination. You’ll find something to excite you, whether you’re into pre-war classics or modern day sportscars.

Which Events Can I Attend?

With the information above, it’s easy enough to plan your visits to the UK if you’re a car fan. Just make sure to check the opening hours of the museums and galleries which host these cars, as well as the availability of tickets for the larger events. You might also want to get in touch with the venues directly to get more information on entry requirements and what is required to attend the events.

Keep in mind that a lot of the smaller events are ticketed and closed to the public. If you want to attend those, then you’ll have to purchase them privately. In many cases, these events are dedicated to specific models or periods in automotive history, so being able to attend them requires specialized knowledge or at least an interest in cars of that type. For example, if you want to go to the Mini Cooper Festival, then you’ll need to know a bit about the Model Mini – it was only produced for 10 years, from 1962 to 1972, which makes it a fairly rare car. Similarly, if you want to see a display of Jaguar E-Types, then you’ll need to be able to tell the difference between one car and the next (there were only 25 produced in 1963, and only 12 in 1965).

The above information should give you a good idea of when and where to visit the UK if you’re a motor-racing fan. Just remember that some events take place in the winter, and some don’t, so if you’re planning on visiting during the winter, then check with the various event organizers to see if they are open during that time. If you’re in any doubt, then just check with the venues themselves, as they will have the best idea of whether or not an event is going to take place that week, or what the current state of affairs is with regards to the weather in the UK.

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