Is Speedway Part Of Exon Mobile? [Solved!]

Did you know that Speedway is officially a part of Exon Mobile? Well, it is and it isn’t. Exon Mobile is a transportation company that provides chauffeured limousine services and other luxury transportation for people living in the Mobile area (and beyond).

While Exon Mobile does provide transportation for individuals and families living in the area, they also make a point of saying that they are not a car dealership. Instead, they are a luxury transportation company and they provide a higher level of service that a traditional dealership would offer.

When you call up the company and make an inquiry about purchasing a new car, you’ll quickly find out that Exon Mobile is not your average car dealership. For starters, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with one of their sales managers to discuss your needs and wants (and to see if they match the product they have available).

Another area where they stand out from a typical car dealership is in the services they provide after the sale. When you buy a new car from a standard dealership, you’ll typically be on your own after that. However, not so with Exon Mobile, because they will take care of all of the servicing and repairs for you, as long as you maintain your policy (which, by the way, is pretty affordable).

So, if you’re looking for a new way to buy a car and you want a company you can trust to take care of all of the administrative matters, buy a car from Exon Mobile.

What Is The Role Of The Sales Manager?

A customer service rep will usually be the one to answer your general questions about the product you’re interested in purchasing. However, if you have more specific questions about what features the specific model has or if there’s something more you need to know about the car, you should probably talk to a sales manager. A sales manager will be able to answer all of your questions and will be able to guide you through the buying process (helping you decide what features you need and want).

Often, when you call up a car dealership and ask about a particular model, you’ll be handed off to a general customer service to answer your questions. However, at a luxury dealership like Exon Mobile, you’ll be speaking with a live person who knows everything about the model and can answer all of your questions.

Additionally, the sales manager will act as a buffer between you and the rest of the team. If there’s anything tricky or confusing about the process, they will be the one to help. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the company and the policies they enforce (like charging you for gas even if it’s full or not).

How Do I Make A Reservation?

You can make a reservation by calling the Exon Mobile toll-free number or going online and filling out an inquiry form. You can also find a contact phone number (and possibly an email address) for the manager on their website to send you details about the car(s) that they have available at the time. If you want to make a reservation for several people (either jointly or individually), you can use the group code to access the special group rate.

Keep in mind that there’s a four-hour minimum for this service. Additionally, some models, such as the Tesla, require a five-hour minimum (and have a 12-mile maximum, so you might want to think about a different mode of transportation if you’re traveling more than 12 miles).

Is It Worth It?

The role of the sales manager is to get you into the car you want, which, in turn, will be worth it if you want a good experience overall. Many people forget that purchasing a new car isn’t something to take lightly, because a lot can go wrong. This is why it’s important to have a sales manager help you through the whole process, from choosing a car to driving it off the lot. Additionally, they can help you find the best possible rate if you’re planning on paying with credit cards (and it isn’t always the best rate if you have cash).

A luxury transportation company like Exon Mobile can put a positive spin on things that could go wrong, because they understand that most customers will have bad experiences when buying a car (if they’re buying it without professional assistance). However, it’s still important to do your research and know what to look out for (unscrupulous car dealers who may try to trick you). So, while not all luxury car dealerships are created equal, they still hold a special place in your heart, because they know what it’s like to be a customer and they want to make sure you have a good experience as well.

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