Is Speedway Tools Still In Buisness? [Facts!]

Last year was a tough one for stock car racing fans around the world. The sport nearly died after being devastated by the pandemic. Now, as the world seeks to rebuild itself, there are signs that the sport may be making a comeback. One of the organizations working tirelessly to get the sport going again is Speedway Champions. The group works with some of the top race teams in the world to help them achieve their goals. This year, they’re looking to make some dramatic changes to the sport that they love so much in order to bring back the good old days. One of their main focuses is on helping teams build a better car. They realize that while the cars may be getting technologically advanced, they’re still relying on a lot of the same basic pieces of equipment. With that in mind, they’re seeking to find a way to make the cars more efficient and environmentally sustainable. We reached out to Speedway Champions to find out more about their new projects and how they’re trying to reform the sport.

Newer, But Still Utilize The Same Old Pieces

Doing business as Speedway Champions, Inc., this group of racing enthusiasts is working to change the way stock car racing is played. Although they’re seeking to make the cars better and more efficient, they recognize that some of the older generation may still prefer dealing with the bulky radios and analog gauges that most stock car teams use. While technology has improved, it hasn’t made its way into all areas of stock car racing. That’s why they want to keep some of the older equipment, but make it work better for today’s cars. Thanks to technological advances, teams are able to keep better track of their vehicles’ systems, which makes driving more efficient. However, those same advances have allowed teams to keep more of the sport’s old pieces. The gear for today’s generation of cars is more efficient, but it hasn’t been completely replaced. That’s the key reason why many stock car teams still rely on a lot of the same old pieces. These days, they’re just refined and improved upon.

Radio Transmits Race In The Present Tense

One of the biggest barriers to entry into stock car racing is the cost of purchasing the required equipment. Many teams don’t have the budget for these investments, especially considering how expensive they are. Plus, there are also additional fees for equipment such as tires and fuel. One of the ways that Speedway Champions seeks to lower these costs for teams is by replacing the bulky and aging radios found in most garages with Bluetooth connections. These devices allow for radio communication between the driver and the team, transmitting their race in real time. This type of technology has been around for quite some time and has been proven to significantly cut down on the amount of static-related radio interference, allowing for clearer communications. It also allows the driver and team to switch back and forth between the audio track and the digital display without losing any of the information being transmitted. Most importantly, these devices allow the driver to instantly respond to orders from the pit crew without having to stop the car and pull over. The possibilities are endless.

Wearable Tech For The Pit Crew

While the cars are getting more and more technologically advanced, the pit crew has remained largely unchanged for years. Thanks to advancements in 3D printing, teams now have the ability to create specialized tools that were once reserved for the bigwigs in the back office. The key to quick and easy pit stops is using the right tools. Just like the gear that the drivers use, the tools that the pit crew uses can make or break a race. This is where technology comes in. Thanks to advancements such as Google Glass, which allow for augmented reality apps, and specialized tools designed for pit crews, the job of the garage monkey has now become much easier. These devices allow for easy access to the gauges and other systems that the car needs in order to operate. With all of this technology in the hands of the crew, it’s no wonder why so many stock car teams are seeking to make changes.

No More Yelling At The Other Team Members

Imagine being in the middle of a 100-mph race, listening to your radio, and suddenly hearing a bunch of yelling. You’re not sure if you should respond or not, so you choose to. When you hear the same yelling a few seconds later, you have the option of responding or not. If you choose to, you’ll have to stop your car and find out what’s going on. This is what makes communication so much easier when using tools such as walkie-talkies or handheld radios. Before these tools, teams would often resort to yelling at one another, which could easily lead to misunderstandings and collisions. Thanks to advancements in technology, this type of communication has been largely eliminated. Bluetooth allows for real-time voice communication, which is so much more convenient and understandable. Plus, it’s a whole lot less disruptive to the drivers and the natural flow of a race. Few things are more annoying to drivers than having to slow down or pull off to the side of the road because of some uncoordinated crew member yelling at them to hurry up.

Eco-Friendly And More Sustainable

One of the things that has helped fuel the comeback of stock car racing is the growing awareness of the impact that automobiles have on the environment. With all of the cars, buses, and trucks on the road, it’s no secret that vehicles contribute a great deal to air pollution. However, it’s also worth noting that cars consume a lot of fuel, causing further pollution. A lot of manufacturers have made a concerted effort to make their cars more eco-friendly, resulting in the development of hybrid vehicles and electric cars. The development of these alternative energy vehicles has significantly decreased the dependence on oil, which is certainly a positive trend. It’s also improved the air quality near highways and busy areas. This is why so many teams have sought to make changes to improve the sustainability of their cars and operations.

It might not seem like a massive overhaul at first, but when you consider all of the changes and new things that the teams have tried, it’s pretty incredible how far racing has come in just a few years. With the right equipment, good communication, and a little bit of luck, it’s possible that we could be seeing a new era of stock car racing soon. The future looks bright for NASCAR and its fans. For more information on Speedway Champions, visit their website at

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