Is Speedway Top-tier Gas? [Fact Checked!]

Do you know what gas is most expensive at the moment?

If you’re driving a standard car or van, then it’s probably petrol. But if you have a turbo or a hybrid vehicle, then it’s almost certainly going to be diesel. So what’s the difference between the two? Let’s take a closer look.

Petrol Vs. Diesel: What’s The Difference?

Petrol, or gasoline, is the most popular and most familiar type of fuel used for cars and vans in the UK, as it’s relatively easy to find and cheap. It’s also a pretty energy-dense fuel – that is, it’s easy for your car to get through a gallon of petrol compared to a quart of diesel. So, in theory, you should get better mileage from a gallon of petrol than a quart of diesel. To make matters worse, the cost of crude oil has more than doubled within the past year, so driving a fuel-efficient vehicle becomes that little bit more expensive. That’s why, when you’re filling up at the pump, you’re often presented with a range of options – from premium to super-cheap. The same goes for van life as well. It’s not just cars that are affected either – large vans like those used for moving houses or businesses are more likely to be on the pricey side when filled with diesel. As a general rule, the further you push your vehicle away from standard, the more expensive it becomes. That might be obvious to you, but it’s a rare moment when price and performance align.

Which One Is Better?

It’s hard to debate which type of fuel is better for the environment. After all, diesel-powered vehicles are considerably more efficient than their petrol-based cousins. They emit fewer harmful chemicals and produce less pollution while driving. It’s also worth noting that hybrid vehicles, which run on both diesel and petrol, are incredibly convenient. They combine the best of both worlds and are usually a happy medium when it comes to budget and fuel efficiency. That being said, we would recommend avoiding anything with the word ‘petrol’ in its name, as it is considered a more expensive and environmentally harmful alternative. So if you can, go for a diesel model or a hybrid vehicle.

Which Type Of Fuel Is Cost-effective For Vans?

Even if you’re not directly affected by the current price of crude oil, then you’ll definitely feel the pinch closer to you when you’re paying for fuel. That’s because the cost of crude oil affects you indirectly if you’re a van owner. The price of petrol has been steadily increasing over the past year. It started at around £1.60 per gallon, and now sits at around £2.40+ per gallon. So what’s the best way to save money while out on the road? Well, it’s all about van life strategies. There are a number of tricks and shortcuts you can employ to reduce your fuel bill at the pump. One of the simplest is to travel at a more leisurely pace. Going faster than you need to results in you using more fuel per mile. That’s not good. Similarly, driving at night uses up more gas than during the day, so avoid this as well.

Which Type Of Fuel Is The Most Popular?

We’d put our money on diesel. It’s not just because we’re naturally drawn to the more expensive option, but also because diesel-powered vehicles are considerably more popular than petrol-driven models. There are a number of reasons for this, including its relative cheapness, its flexibility, and its efficiency. Of course, if we compare the two over the past year, then we can see that oil prices have steadily increased, thus making diesel even more appealing. Finally, if you’re looking for a fuel that is both popular and cheap, then diesel is the perfect choice. It’s not often that you find yourself in the situation of being able to choose between two popular and efficient fuels, but right now, it’s literally a choice between the chicken and the egg.

Which Type Of Vehicle Is Appropriate For Vans?

We’d recommend avoiding camper vans and motorhomes if you’re a van owner looking for fuel economy. While they might be efficient and spacious, they’re also rather slow. So if your main objective is to save money at the pump, then consider cheaper, more practical options. A good place to start might be a static camper or a caravan. They’re both durable vehicles that can travel long distances. Plus, you can tow them with your vehicle. This is especially useful if you’re planning a road trip, as it saves you the additional cost of renting a caravan or camper. If you’re planning on touring the UK or Europe by van, then be sure to have a look at the smaller member of the group, the Smart Van. It’s not only cheaper, but also a whole lot more practical. Finally, if you’re looking for top-tier gas with all the trimmings, then a sporty van might be what you’re after. They’re faster than they look and can get you there a whole lot cheaper. That’s what’s important to you as a van owner.

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