Is Speedway Website Down? [Updated!]

The last few months have been extremely exciting for sports fans. After years of struggle, the Milwaukee Bucks have finally started getting some respect and are currently in the midst of an amazing playoff run. But even more exciting than the on-court action is the fact that the team’s website is back up and running.

The reason for this is fairly simple. After the team’s ownership group, who are also the main sponsors of the team, acquired the Boston Bruins website in October, they knew exactly what they had to do to make things work there too. They promptly switched domains and are currently in the process of migrating all the content over to

While the migration is still ongoing, it’s been a joy to watch as the team’s fans have gotten used to the new site. And that’s a sentiment that one-by-one, we can all get behind. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to revisit some of the best content the old had to offer.

Greatest Moments

When the new site launched, one of the first things users encountered was a collection of videos celebrating the greatest moments in Bucks history. The collection is called ‘The Vault’ and starts off with Bruce Bogarts’s 1977 Championship-winning goal.

The goal is seen as a defining moment for the Bucks. It was the culmination of a 76-game season and a great deal of perseverance on the part of both coach Don Nelson and his team. And what makes that goal even more special is the fact that it came against the hated Boston Bruins with only seconds remaining in the game. Bogarts beat Bruins goaltender Jim Craig with a backhand shot with only 5 seconds left on the clock. It was a stunning display of perseverance as the ball struck the back of the net and bounced around to hit off the crossbar and into the net.

The next iconic video is probably the 1999 Eastern Conference finals against the New York Rangers. The excitement in the air was palpable as the teams prepared for Game 3.

The series was headed for a high-stakes Game 7 in New York. The Rangers had taken a 3-2 series lead, and many felt that with the stakes this high, the game would end in a classic playoff overtime. But in the first overtime frame, Scott Gomez scored a controversial goal to level the series at 3 games apiece. Game 7 went to a deciding 7th game, which is when everything changed.

The Milwaukee faithful were treated to one of the greatest finals in NHL history. The excitement in the arena was unmatched. As the game went on, fans were treated to some breathtaking comebacks and dramatic finishes. In fact, the game was so close that it actually required two overtimes to decide a winner. It was certainly one of the great sporting occasions of our time.

All-Time Best

The best part of the new website is undoubtedly the all-time best section. It’s an all-encompassing record of the team’s success over the course of 82 games. The section is broken down by month and gives a detailed look at the team’s performance over the course of the season. And for those looking for in-depth analysis of the team’s playoff performance, the section also breaks down those games.

The site’s founders wanted to do something different. Rather than having a stats section at the very least, they took things a step further and included videos from throughout the season. This not only provides a visual representation of the team’s progression, but it’s also another way of getting content to users. The videos are high-quality and break down crucial aspects of the game that even the most diehard hockey fan will enjoy.

Behind the Scenes

One of the most exciting parts of the new website is the inclusion of behind-the-scenes clips. These are short videos that give fans an insight into the world of a professional basketball team. We’re not talking about lengthy feature articles either, these are bite-sized pieces that even the most avid reader won’t mind taking a break from.

The site includes fun videos of the team’s mascot, Scooter, who is responsible for any mischief that may occur on and off the court. The videos also give us an insight into the personalities of some of the players, like John Hammond, who gives us a good look into his quirky sense of humor. And fans of the San Antonio Spurs can even watch the team prepare for games in a dedicated section.

The best part is that these are free. It’s great to have a website that’s free to use. Hopefully one day, we’ll have a world-class website for each of the 27 teams in the NBA. For now, this is a great place to start for those interested in getting to know the Bucks better.

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