Is Texas Motor Speedway Being Torn Down? [Solved!]

Ever since it opened, Texas Motor Speedway has been the site of some of the most memorable races in the history of motorsport. The half-mile racetrack in Hockenheim, Texas, hosted the first-ever IndyCar race in 1948, as well as an international rallycross competition in 2014. Its versatile layout – which combines banked turns, straights, and a couple of flat ones – made it the perfect setting for many motorsport events, and its location at the crossroads of several major roadways made it a regular stop on the motorsport itinerary for many years.

Now, though, it seems that the writing is on the wall for the iconic track. The organizers of the IndyCar race – which is set to take place at the track on April 12th – have decided to move the event to a different venue. The new owners of the track announced earlier this year that it would not be hosting any more races after this year’s edition due to lack of interest from the sporting community. The same can be said for the Texan Rallycross Championship, which has also been canceled for 2019 due to a lack of bookings. The only event that has been confirmed for the upcoming season is the Monster Energy Supercross Championship, which will be held at the track on November 11th.

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