Is Texas World Speedway Closing? [Answered!]

Texas World Speedway is set to close its doors for the final time on October 31st. Over the last two decades, the 2.5-mile clay oval has hosted some of the greatest motorsport events in history, including the annual Monster Energy Cup Series, the Monster Mile, and more recently, the DTM World Cup of Motorcycling. Yet, the impact that the speedway has had on the motorsport world may not be as great as you think. Over the years, the track has lost a lot of its luster due to a combination of factors, not least of which is the advent of social media. As a result of this and other challenges, the track will close its gates for the final time on October 31st 2018, as it’s going to be torn down and replaced with a residential development.

Why is Texas World Speedway Closing?

Texas World Speedway was originally constructed in the early 1990s and was owned by Bruton Smith’s International Speedway Corporation. At the time, the track was considered to be one of the premier racing venues in North America. The track was also home to the World of Outlaws­ – USAR Pro Cup Series in the early 2000s and the Lucas Oil­ – Pro Cycling Series in the later half of the decade. As a testament to its success, over $100M has been invested in the track over the years, not including any renovation or improvements that may have been made.

The main reason behind the speedway‘s impending closure, however, is the lack of sponsorship. Without a steady stream of revenue coming in from either corporate sponsorships or gate receipts, the track will be unable to continue operating indefinitely. With the track set to close, the question becomes: is it time to say goodbye to one of the all-time great venues of North American motorsport?

What Will Happen To The Track?

When news of the track’s closure broke in August of this year, the reaction of many was one of profound sadness. For decades, the speedway had been a source of pride for motorcyclists around the world. The track was home to several important milestones in motorsport, including some of the greatest racing moments of all time. Several world champions were also crowned there, including Jeff Gordon, Kevin Schwantz, and more recently, Chris Hoy. The track had also played an integral part in the careers of many top-level athletes, including Tony Stewart, who went on to become a NASCAR champion. There will, therefore, be a lot of people who feel genuinely hurt and upset that the track will be closing its doors for the final time.

What exactly will happen to the track, however, is still to be determined. In a press release, the track’s owner stated that the existing facility will be demolished and that work will begin immediately on a new residential development. No track officials have yet to confirm these plans, however, so it is still possible that the speedway could continue on as a motorsport venue under new ownership. It’s also possible that the track could be reused for something completely different.

How Has The Impact Of Social Media On Motorsport?

The emergence of social media has certainly had an impact on motorsport, especially over the past decade. In most cases, drivers and other active participants can now keep in touch with each other much more easily than before. Live streaming and video recording have also become commonplace, providing fans with a much closer connection to their favorite motorsport personalities. The immediacy of social media has also made it much more difficult to hide behind text-only sponsorships and logos, as fans can now see the true colors of a brand instantly.

It would be a missed opportunity if the impact of social media is not acknowledged and recognized at Texas World Speedway. The speedway has always prided itself on being an open book, displaying all of its sponsors and relevant information online. On their official website, the track even posted a photo of all of the past champions, held aloft by a proud Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The photo, entitled “A Grand Tour”, also served as a stark reminder of the track’s incredible impact on the motorsport world over the past two decades.

Yet, it would be a mistake to assume that all of the change in the world of motorsport can be attributed to social media. The internet has also made it much easier for fans to research and find out about upcoming events and news items that pertain to their favorite teams and drivers. Not only is the information readily available, but it’s also often presented in an easily digestible manner, making it more attractive to people who may not necessarily be “into” motorsport.

Will The Memories Remain?

It’s impossible to put into words the impact that Texas World Speedway has had on the motorsport world. It is, therefore, only appropriate that fans and those who were fortunate enough to have witnessed an event there should reflect on that experience and hold it close to their hearts. There are already several monuments and plaques in place at the track, bearing testimony to its storied past and important legacy. It would be a shame if these were to be taken down or covered up, as they serve as a reminder of how far the track has come and the amazing people who were involved in its storied history. It’s also a good idea to keep a track record of all significant events that happened there, as well as the names of all those who have participated in the events. This way, the memories of that special place will continue to live on.

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