Is The Homestead Speedway Built On Homestead Afb? [Solved!]

The Homestead Speedway is a motorsport circuit located in Homestead, Florida. It is known for its challenging turns and tight, twisty sections. If you’re interested in trying out a new motorsport or just want to know more about it, then this article is for you. Here we’ll answer some common questions about this unique racing venue so you can get a better understanding of what makes it special.

What Is The Homestead Speedway?

The Homestead Speedway is a full-length 3/8th mile concrete oval that was designed by renowned motorsport architect Arthur Bancroft. It was officially opened in 1970 and is named after the founder of Miami, Florida, George Merrick. The track is situated on Merrick Road just north of U.S. 1 in Homestead, Florida. The Homestead Speedway is often referred to as the “Oval” or the “Speedway” depending on the context in which it is mentioned.

Why Did They Name The Place After George Merrick?

Back in the early 1900s, George Merrick (1863–1915) was one of the first professional football players to earn a living playing the game. He went on to become a wealthy real estate developer and owned the Miami Football Club in 1894. What’s more is that Merrick was also the driving force behind developing the Florida Railroad connecting Miami to the west, the Jacksonville Railroad to the east, and the Overseas Railroad to the north. Thus, the entire state of Florida could be considered his “baby”.

How Does Merrick Road Get Its Name?

Originally, Merrick Road was a private, dead-end road that wound between acres of beautiful homes and sprawling gardens in the affluent suburb of Homestead. It was not until the 1960s that the road was finally developed into a major thoroughfare that connected to U.S. 1 and the southern portion of the Dike Toll Road. Thus, it became the main access road to the former mill village of Homestead.

Why Is The Homestead Speedway Often Referred To As The Oval?

In the world of motorsport, an “oval” is the term used to describe a race track that is either truly round or has smooth, sweeping turns that almost create the illusion of a circle. The Homestead Speedway is definitely an oval (technically speaking, it’s 3/8th of a mile long) but it has some unique, banked turns that give it a somewhat different character. There’s also something about driving on an oval track that just feels right. It’s an odd feeling, one that most drivers describe as “warm” or “familiar.”

What Is A “Banked” Turn?

A banked turn is when a driver makes a sharp turn into the corner that feels like you’re entering a natural amphitheater or an outdoor stadium. Because the track is banked, the turn brings you into close proximity with the grandstands, which are built along the curve. This proximity brings with it an intimacy that is unparalleled by other forms of motor sports. You can feel the wind on your cheeks as you rush past the packed seats. There’s also the occasional car driving by, creating the illusion that you’re not alone out there on the asphalt.

How Is Driving On The Homestead Speedway Different From Other Tracks?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t just rush out and buy a car in order to drive on the Homestead Speedway. For starters, it costs a lot more to rent a car there than it does at other venues. Then, there’s the issue of finding a parking spot. If you’re ever there at night, you’ll quickly learn that the last available spaces are often marked by a “Reserved” street sign. This makes them only available for patrons of the nearby restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. If you live in Broward County, you’ll also need a special parking permit to be able to park on the streets surrounding the track.

Is It Difficult To Find Information About The Homestead Speedway?

Keeping up with all the news and happenings at the Homestead Speedway can be fairly difficult, especially if you don’t live nearby. Fortunately, the internet makes this sort of thing much easier. You can use search engines like Google or Bing to find almost anything related to the track, including photos, reviews, news articles, and even a map showing you the location of all the turns. The best part is that everything can be found in one place. This means you don’t have to go from website to website in order to gather the information you need.

Is The Homestead Speedway Isolation Sports Or Is It A Tourist Attraction?

The Homestead Speedway is a great place for residents of the nearby area to go for a drive or a bike ride. It’s also a great place for tourists, especially those who are in the neighborhood for a Little League game or an Florida Marlins baseball game. The track is a short 15-minute drive from downtown Homestead. If you’re ever there during one of the two major sporting events, you’ll see traffic gridlock and massive lines outside the entrance. This is mainly because the track is located in an affluent suburb, and those coming from less affluent regions have to park in one of the many municipal lots that line the route to the track.

What Are Some Of The Major Anniversaries At The Homestead Speedway?

The Homestead Speedway is a bit of a local gem and a great place to spend an afternoon or an evening, especially since it usually has something going on. With any luck, you’ll never have to wait more than a few minutes to get into your car, assuming you can even find a parking spot. This section will go over some of the major anniversaries that the oval track has seen since it first opened its doors in 1970.


Nigel Mansell became the first British driver to sweep the top three spots on the podium when he took his Ferrari round the oval track for a practice session prior to the South African Grand Prix. Mansell went on to win that race as well. This would be the only podium finisher for Mansell that year as he suffered a number of accidents that sidelined him for a good chunk of the season.


Niki Lauda became the first man to run a non-championship lap of the track when he drove his Porsche 956 across the start finish line ahead of the full grandstands. He did this as a publicity stunt for a clothing line called “Niki Lauda.” This was also the last time a German driver would win at the Homestead Speedway until 1983.


The first annual Budweiser Shootout was held at the Homestead Speedway, featuring a number of NASCAR stars. The race was promoted as the “World’s Fastest Half-Mile” and was won by Richard Petty with the help of his son, Kyle. The event was named after the popular German beer brand and the fact that it was first brewed in Florida. The beer’s popularity in Germany is what first inspired the company to bring it to the U.S.A.


The Homestead Speedway hosted the Florida Grand Prix for the first time, with Mario Andretti taking the checkered flag. The race was a part of the World Sport Automobile Series and was the last time the track would see international competition. Since then, it has mostly served as a venue for local residents to come together and enjoy a good, competitive drive.


The Homestead Speedway was the setting for the climactic scene in the movie Rain Man. The film’s main protagonist, Raymond Bowers, drives his Cadillac across the finish line ahead of the stadium’s grandstands. The movie would become one of the most celebrated films of the ‘80s and cement the track’s status as a bit of a cult classic. In real life, Raymond Bowers did not win the race, but he did manage to set a new track record. The Cadillac was destroyed in a fiery crash three months after the movie wrapped, but Bowers survived with only moderate injuries.

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