Is The Kansas Speedway Called Confort Inn Suites? [Solved!]

The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever been to The Kansas Speedway, you may have heard of Confort Inn Suites. It’s the brand name under which the speedway hotel offers its guests a unique combination of luxury and convenience. The hotel is a popular choice for families and large groups, due to its proximity to the speedway and its comfortable and spacious accommodations. If you’d like to try out the famous American institution that is The Confort Inn Suites, then continue reading our review to learn more.

A Trendy And Sophisticated Hotel

One of the hotel’s strengths is its location. Situated just off I-35 and a short drive from downtown Kansas City, it forms part of the new Kansas City International Airport. This provides the hotel with an excellent link to the rest of the world, as well as its own staff, who can transport guests to and from the airport on request. Aside from its convenient location, the hotel has invested heavily in modernizing its design and fitting out its rooms with the most up-to-date technologies. This can be said for the entire property, including the indoor pool, which features a retractable roof to let in some sunshine. It’s a smart investment by the hoteliers, as research shows that guests who stay longer are more likely to leave a positive review. So, the hotel has a lot to offer beyond a good night’s sleep.

Comfort And Convenience

Another positive aspect of the hotel is how comfortable and convenient it is to stay there. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel at home, thanks to the attentive and welcoming staff who will guide you to your room. The property is a short drive away from the airport, so you’ll have access to all kinds of transportation, including cab services, to get you wherever you need to go. When you arrive at your room, you’ll find it well-designed and thoughtfully equipped with the essentials you need for a comfortable stay. This includes a comfortable bed with soft sheets and a TV with all the channels you could want or need. If you get the WiFi connection right at the hotel, you’ll be able to keep in touch with friends and family back home, as well as discover a world of blogs and articles on any subject you might be interested in.

A Classic American Institution

Yes, the hotel owes its existence to the storied history of The Kansas Speedway and its founder Bill France. In the 1920s, long before there was a speedway, Bill France owned a hotel in Kansas City. In order to meet the demands of the growing number of visitors to his hotel, he decided to build a better one, which would incorporate many of the features of the former. Today, we can still visit the original France Hotel, which continues to be owned by the same family, and is, in fact, the oldest operating hotel in Kansas City. It’s fitting, then, that The France Hotel provides the inspiration for The Confort Inn Suites. The brand name was inspired by one of the original hotel’s biggest draws – convenience. Bill France believed that everyone should have access to high-quality travel experiences, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. So, he built The Confort Inn, which offers the perfect blend of luxury and convenience.

While you’re in Kansas City, be sure to visit the France Hotel. It’s on the Historic Route 66, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. You can also get a peek at another legendary American institution, the Brown Hotel, founded by John F. Brown, which also has a history of accommodating notable guests from the worlds of art and literature. We could go on and on, naming many more iconic hotels, but you get the point! These places are steeped in American history and offer unique and beautiful rooms, as well as high-quality food and drink.

An Excellent Location

As we mentioned, the location of the hotel is excellent, being situated off I-35, just a short drive from downtown Kansas City. It also benefits from a brand new Kansas City International Airport, which opened its doors in 2018 and serves as the primary airport for the area. There are direct connections from the airport to the downtown area and to the nearby I-70, which runs parallel to I-35 and connects Kansas City with the neighboring state of Oklahoma. This is important as not all flights have connecting flights, so you may have to spend the night in Kansas City before continuing your journey in the morning. This is particularly handy for families, who want to stay in one place for a longer period of time. On the other hand, it’s also possible to continue your journey from Kansas City by rail, going all the way to Dallas and connecting with another flight.

A Solid Choice For Families

Let’s be real – families are the main target audience for most hotels, especially those located in areas popular with tourists. The Confort Inn Suites is no different, with plenty of family-friendly attractions nearby. If you have kids, you’ll appreciate the property’s Kid-friendly policy. For instance, the hotel has a Children’s Discovery Zone, which is filled with engaging activities, such as a water rocket launch pad and a sand castle battle, where kids can explore engineering and architecture through play.

The property also has a Game Room, with billiards, ping-pong and darts, which is open to all guests. This is a great place for families to enjoy some quality time together, while also providing some adult interaction and socialization for children. Finally, the hotel has a pool deck, featuring a fountain, lounge chairs and umbrellas for when the sun starts to shank. This makes the pool a great place to escape the heat, even on a warm summer day. We could go on and on, naming many more family-friendly amenities, but you get the point! This hotel can accommodate a family of four with ease and comfort.

A Sophisticated And Classy Hotel For Men

Speaking of accommodating a family, let’s be real too – men are the breadwinner in many homes and sometimes need a break from parenting too. This is where the hotel steps in and offers a more sophisticated and classy alternative. Aside from being near the airport and the France Hotel, the hotel’s location is another draw. It’s on the North side of Kansas City, on the Boulevard, which is close to the Country Club Plaza and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. If you’ve ever been there, you know it’s a hub for men’s fashion, dining and shopping. This is also the place to be for the artsy type and the sports fan. The property’s design and amenities offer a safe and sophisticated alternative to busy families and traveling solo adults, with a distinct focus on style and comfort.

A Luxurious And Stunning Hotel

Last but not least, we have the luxurious and stunning aspect of the hotel. The property’s architecture, which was designed by the renowned British architect, Sir Norman Foster, is a masterpiece. The exterior of the hotel features the unmistakable shape of a race track, with white marble and green accents, which give it a truly unique and stunning look. The interiors are equally stunning. The walls are clad in natural cedar, with rich brown and purple tones; the furniture is made of dark and light timber, with leather and embossed metal accents. These materials are used in a fantastic blend, which gives the hotel a wonderful atmosphere and makes it feel like a real ode to American style and design.

In short, this hotel is a triumph of American design and engineering, marrying form and function beautifully. If you like speed, excitement and luxury, then this is the hotel for you.

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