Is The Langhorne Speedway Now Reedmans Test Track? [Ultimate Guide!]

When Reedman’s Langhorne Speedway was first built, it was hailed as the Superbowl of Motorcycling. However, the years have not been kind to the track, and it now seems in a state of disrepair. One of the site’s regular visitors, Chuck Wall, decided to find out more about the current situation and if the legendary track still has what it takes to provide some excitement for motorcyclists. He found out that the speedway is indeed in bad shape, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve. The track is currently owned by Pete Reedman and his team of volunteers, who are working hard to turn the venue into a reputable race track once more.

What Is The Current Status Of The Speedway?

The track, which is located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1919 and has gone through several name changes. For much of its history, it has been known as the Langhorne Speedway and has been host to several NASCAR and IndyCar races. The name Reedman’s Langhorne Speedway has been used since 1968, when founder William A. Reedman sold the track to Pete and his team of volunteers. Reedman has owned the track since then.

Since the sale of the track, Pete and his volunteers have been working hard to restore its former glory. The track currently sanctions events such as Midget car races, monster truck rallies, and even vintage car shows. The track is open to the public and welcomes motorsport enthusiasts from around the world.

What Equipment Do You Need To Race On The Track?

If you are thinking about taking up racing, the first thing you need to do is invest in some racing gear. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank; you can get all of the necessary equipment for under $500. When Wall visited the track, he saw that it was in need of a paint scheme, so he decided to chip in and purchase a few cans of spray paint for the occasion. He used mostly green and yellow colors to represent his preferred team, Monster Energy. The track’s official colors are orange and black, so Wall felt that this was an opportune moment to express his disdain for NASCAR.

Why Should You Avoid Going There At Night?

One of the dangerous aspects of driving at night is the lighting. When the sun goes down, it gets dark and there is no comparing it to the light during the day. You cannot see very far ahead of you, which makes it difficult to maneuver and potentially dangerous if you are not used to driving at night. Wall found this out the hard way when he went for a spin around the track at nightfall. He had to completely change his driving style to manage the lack of visibility, and he even had to turn on his headlights because the sun had gone down and they had dimmed to a point where he could no longer see.

How Is The Weather In Langhorne?

Langhorne is located in Central Pennsylvania, which is surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. As the name would suggest, the weather is quite unpredictable. Even on a cloudy day, the temperature can range from lows of 20 degrees to highs of 35 degrees. However, there is typically one thing that people in the area have in common: They love the weather! If you are visiting the area, take the warm temperatures in the summer and the cold temperatures in the winter into consideration. They can both be beautiful and awe-inspiring, but make sure that you are properly equipped with the right gear before heading out onto the open road.

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